Money-Back Guarantee

Polk State College’s Money-Back Guarantee Program

Polk State College, in accordance with state law and in response to local industry demand offers a tuition refund to students who successfully complete the coursework and professional requirements for eligible, high-demand workforce programs, yet are unable to find employment in their chosen field within six months after graduation.

Eligible students may receive a reimbursement of tuition that is equal to the total tuition assessed during their enrollment in one of the eligible programs, minus federal, State, and institutional scholarships or grants received. Tuition does not include student fees, books, or other expenses incurred.  Additionally, only classes that are required for the eligible degree program will be considered for reimbursement.

Students who receive a job offer in their respective industry within six months after graduation will be considered successfully employed and will no longer be eligible to participate in the Money-Back Guarantee Program or to request a refund of their tuition.

Eligible Programs

Associate in Science in Nursing

Associate in Science in Radiography

Associate in Science in Respiratory Care

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible to apply for the Money-Back Guarantee Program, a student must meet ALL the following eligibility requirements:

    • A student who does not receive a job offer in their respective industry within six months after graduation will be considered eligible to participate in the Money-Back Guarantee Program and may request a refund for out-of-pocket tuition not including non-resident fees, lab fees, uniform fees, student activity fees, financial aid fees, testing and examinations fees, insurance fees, or other fees or expenses (such as books).
    • The student must apply for this program no later than 240 days (six months of job searching plus 60 days to apply for the program) after the date the degree is conferred on the student’s transcript.
    • The student cannot be enrolled in a related bachelor’s degree program or continuing coursework in an advanced degree at the time of the application.
    1. Student Attendance
      • The student must have been continuously enrolled full-time (as defined by the program) through the duration of the program and must have met the program’s enrollment verification standards each term.
      • The student must have also met the minimum attendance requirements as specified by the program of study.
    1. Student Program Performance
      • The student must have successfully completed all required courses, earning a grade of ‘C’ or better in all coursework, or complete the program with a least a 2.0 grade-point average (GPA).
      • The student must have remained in good academic standing throughout the duration of the program.
      • The student must have registered for the industry certification(s) required for employment within one month of program completion.
      • The student must have passed all credential and licensure exams associated/required for employment within the field.
      • The student must have graduated in good financial standing with Polk State College.
    1. Career Service or Career Day Attendance
      • The student must provide verifiable documentation of attendance for at least one (1) industry-related career fair and/or worked directly with Career Services for employment assistance in the last semester of enrollment.
    1. Participation in internship or work-study program
      • The student must have participated in at least one (1) work-based learning opportunity such as internship placement, job shadowing, career mentorship, on-the-job training, apprenticeship, or program-specific opportunity.
    1. Job search documentation
      • The student must be eligible for employment within the U.S.
      • The student must not have a criminal background that prevents employment in the career field.
      • The student must successfully pass background checks and drug screens as required by prospective employers.
      • The student must provide verifiable evidence that they have been actively searching for employment in the field of study for at least six months from the date of program completion. The search must include verifiable evidence of at least 40 applications for employment related to the field of study. Students must provide evidence, such as an email or letter of invitation to interview or confirmation of non-selection, of completing at least 10 good faith interviews for jobs related to their program of study.
    1. Development of a Student Career Plan with the Institution’s Career Services Department
      • The student must have sought services from Polk State College’s Career Services department to develop a career plan within the first semester of enrollment and provide evidence of the plan.
      • The student must have completed at least two (2) pre-approved career development workshops while enrolled at the College.