Dual Enrollment Agreement

This agreement covers the responsibilities of Polk State College, Polk County School Board, private schools, and home schools regarding dual enrollment and early admission to Polk State College. Each term, students must submit a signed and completed High School approval form for Public, Private, and Home Schooled Students.

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2023-24 Dual Enrollment Agreement

2023-24 Home Education Programs in Polk County Addendum
2023-24 Florida Virtual School Addendum

2023-24 School Board of Polk County Addendum
2014-15 Out-of-County Public Schools Addendum (Most Current Version)
2019-20 Polk County School Board Accelerated Degree Program Agreement
2023-24 Polk County Private Schools Addendum

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2020-21 Lake Wales Charter Schools, Inc. Addendum (Most Current Version)

2023-2024 Calvary Baptist Church Academy
2023-2024 Candlelight Christian Academy Addendum
2023-2024 Families of Faith Christian Academy International Addendum
2023-2024 Husky Prep Academy Addendum
2023-2024 Lakeland Christian School Addendum
2023-2024 Lakeland Institute for Learning of Polk County
2023-2024 Oasis Christian Academy Addendum
2023-2024 Pentecostal Christian Academy of Polk County
2023-2024 Polk Christian Preparatory School of Polk County 
2023-2024 Parkway Christian Academy Addendum
2023-2024 Valor Christian Leadership Academy Addendum
2023-2024 Victory Christian Academy of Polk County
2023-2024 Winter Haven Christian School Addendum

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