USF – Fuse Program

Polk State first-time-in-college students, recently out of high school, have the opportunity to participate in the University of South Florida Fuse Program academic pathways. This means that if you follow the pathway at Polk State and graduate with your AA degree, you are guaranteed acceptance into the program at USF. All students with an AA degree from Polk State qualify for the state of Florida’s 2+2 articulation agreement which promises you admittance to a state university but the Fuse Program promises you admittance into a specific program at USF.

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Fuse Academic Advising Dates

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Fuse Chat Online with an Advisor

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B.A. Psychology
Polk program: 11910 – Psychology
B.S. Health Sciences with Concentration in Biological Health Sciences
Polk program: 11920 – Biological Health Sciences
B.S. Health Sciences
Polk program: 11930 – Aging Health Sciences
Polk program: 11940 – Social & Behavioral Health Sciences
Polk program: 11950 – Health Management
Polk program: 11960 – Health Information Technology

For details at USF check out these links:

Fuse Admissions information
Fuse Transfer information