Open Door Grant Program

The Florida Department of Education awarded Polk State College $376,792 in funding through the Open Door Grant Program which will run through September 30, 2023. Students can benefit from the program’s Last Dollar Scholarship in the following Polk State programs:

    • Engineering Technology
    • Logistics and Transportation
    • Network Infrastructure
    • Florida Law Enforcement

What is the Open Door Grant Program?

The Open Door Grant Program supports students completing short-term and technical education credentialing programs. The program’s goal for students is to successfully obtain valuable workforce certificates and employment in high-demand fields. The Open Door Grant Program addresses and closes the gap between the skills needed by workers in the state and the skills of the available workforce in the state.

What is the Last Dollar Scholarship?

The Last Dollar Scholarship provides up to $3,000 toward a student’s tuition and fees after federal and state aid has already been applied to the student’s balance. To be eligible, a student must be underemployed, unemployed, or furloughed. Polk State will assess students enrolled in selected short-term and technical education credentialing programs, apply any current aid awarded to those students, and locate account balances. Eligible students who have account balances will be offered the Last Dollar Scholarship to be used toward those balances.

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