UCF – Transfer Connect

Polk State and University of Central Florida have created Transfer Connect, a pathway to help students transition to and complete an online bachelor’s degree at UCF. All students have the opportunity to participate in this academic pathway. This means that if you follow the pathway at Polk State and graduate with your AA degree, you have a greater chance of acceptance into the program at UCF. All students with an AA degree from Polk State qualify for the state of Florida’s 2+2 articulation agreement which promises you admittance to a state university but the Transfer Connect program helps with admittance into a specific program at UCF.

Check out the details here:

Anthropology, B.A.
Communication and Conflict, B.A.
Criminal Justice, B.A./B.S.
English – Creative Writing, B.A.
English – Literature, B.A.
English – Technical Communication, B.A.
Health Informatics and Information Management, B.S.
Health Services Administration, B.S.
History, B.A.
Interdisciplinary Studies, B.A. or B.S.
International and Global Studies, B.A.
Latin American Studies B.A.
Legal Studies, B.A./B.S.
Nursing, B.S.
Political Science, B.A.
Psychology, B.S.
Religion and Cultural Studies, B.A.
Social Sciences, B.S.
Sociology, B.A.
Technical Education and Industry Training, B.S.

To get started or get more information about Transfer Connect at UCF check out this link:

Transfer Connect Admissions Information
Transfer Connect Inquiry Form