Charter High Schools

Polk State College operates three charter high schools, each of which serves 11th and 12th graders in Polk County: two collegiate charter high schools, Polk State Lakeland Collegiate High School at the Lakeland campus; Polk State Chain of Lakes Collegiate High School at the Winter Haven campus; and Polk State Lakeland Gateway to College Collegiate High School on the Lakeland campus.

The purpose of the two collegiate high schools is to provide academic and technical education for serious high school juniors and seniors who desire to undertake college-level study. Students are offered a program of high school and college courses to meet the requirements for a standard Florida high school diploma with the opportunity to take dual-enrolled courses at Polk State College.

The newest of the three charter schools, Polk State Lakeland Gateway to College Collegiate High School, helps students who have disengaged from traditional high school settings get back on academic track, enabling them to complete their high school diplomas and also earn college credit.

In addition to the AS, AAS, or AA degree programs, courses that lead to industry certification specific to criminal justice, computer programming and infrastructure, and allied health are also available to LCHS/COL students. There is no charge to the student, and transportation is available for most areas of Polk County.