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Polk State College is a multi-campus institution providing affordable degrees and certificate programs to more than 20,000 students.
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Health Sciences

Health Sciences

Polk’s Health Sciences programs lead the state in test scores, job placements.


Josh Burgin

From Polk State to Harvard? Recent Grad Proves It Is Possible

A recent Polk State grad will continue his college education at Harvard University. Josh Burgin, who graduated with his Bachelor of…


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Polk State Lakeland, LTB 1100

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Financial Disbursements Begin to BankMobile Vibe Accounts (Summer Sessions 3, 3A, 8-Week)

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Last Day to Decrease TPP Balance or Terminate

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Tuition Payment Plan (TPP) Enrollment

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Lakeland Collegiate High School student is heading to college with $20,000 Bailey Family Foundation scholarship… https://t.co/gil4gZ92KQ

Nearly 400 students are receiving their high school diplomas from Polk State College’s three collegiate high school… https://t.co/7T9h0QwbtB