How to Complete an Application

Things you should gather before clicking APPLY NOW

  1. Your mailing address and all your contact information
    • Primary personal e-mail address
    • Residency information More on Residency
    • Your or one of your parent’s* driver’s license
    • Your or one of your parent’s* voter registration
    • Your or one of your parent’s* vehicle registration
    • *If under the age of 24
  2. Social Security Number (Yours not your parents’.) More on SSN’s 
    • HINT: Be accurate. The wrong SS# may cost you $$ in financial aid.
  3. Citizenship information.
  4. Know what campus you want to take classes on. More about campuses
  5. Immigration information if you are not a U.S. citizen. More on International Students
  6. Military service information. More on Veterans or Active Duty Military
  7. Emergency contact person with address and phone information.
  8. High school name and graduation date or GED date.
  9. Not admitted to program? Recommendations for Students pursuing a limited admission program
  10. Choosing your program of interest. More on degrees and programs.
  11. Returning student? Use the Readmit section after you click Apply Now

If I applied to one campus, can I take classes at other campuses?

YES. Your application is to Polk State College. You can take classes at any Polk State campus or center, or online.

 I have a criminal history or a disciplinary action from another college. What do I do?

  1. Call 863.297.1000 and ask for the Student Services Dean.
  2. E-mail the Student Services Dean on your home campus for instructions at:

 My name has changed since I last attended. What do I do?

Students readmitting to the College with a name change will enter the new name upon application.  The admission process will update the name record.  Other name changes must be submitted to the Admission and Registrar’s office using a Vital Statistics form with official proof such as a driver’s license. Find the form here.