Recommendations for Students Pursuing a Limited Admission Program

Strategy is an important part of planning your academic journey. This webpage offers strategies to students who intend to take a program that has limited admission and special admission requirements. Hope this helps you in your decision-making process!

If you do not meet requirements of a limited admission program that you are interested in, and are not prepared to apply at the next open application period for that program, Polk State College highly recommends you consider changing your primary objective to an Associate in Arts (AA) degree for the following reasons:

  • Your prerequisites will meet general education and elective credit in an AA degree.
  • The AA credential will prepare you for a bachelor’s degree later in your academic career.
  • If you are not accepted to the limited admission program for which you are aiming the first time you apply, you remain active in your education until you can apply again.
  • You are able to take prerequisites for several limited admission programs while achieving your AA. You will then have options for the limited admission process.
  • Achieving the AA degree usually helps you with study habits, reading skills, and writing skills to improve your GPA when you are accepted to your program.
  • Federal Financial Aid, such as Pell and Student Loans is available for those who qualify and pursue the AA degree. You do not qualify for these kinds of financial aid in the status of “Not admitted to program.”
  • If you already have an earned AA degree or a bachelor’s degree, see an advisor to discuss options for maximizing your education while taking the prerequisites to a limited admission program.

To change your primary program objective to an AA degree, please email your Name, your Student ID, and your request to

You also may visit an advisor without an appointment on the Lakeland, Winter Haven, and Lake Wales campuses to discuss your options further.