Crime Scene Investigations Concentration

Students with Associate in Arts or Associate in Science degrees are eligible to enroll in the baccalaureate program and this concentration. All Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice students complete electives based on their interests, but those enrolled in the Crime Science Investigations concentration will take the following specialized courses in this order:

    • Crime Scene Investigations
    • Advanced Crime Scene Investigations
    • Criminal Evidence and Procedures
    • Seminar in Crime Scene Investigations

The Crime Scene Investigations Concentration of the Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice degree program provides the student with opportunities to master techniques for identification, collection, preservation, analysis, and development of physical and latent evidence. The student develops essential skills needed to conduct criminal investigations, protect and record vital evidence, ensure accurate evidence analysis, interpret amendments related to evidence collection, and document the crime scene and evidence for presentation in a court of law.

Students entering this baccalaureate program with an Associate in Arts degree must choose program code S6175.
Students entering the program with an Associate in Science degree must choose program code S6125.

Students interested in enrolling in this new degree concentration can email