Bachelor of Science

The Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program

RN-to-BSN Program Overview: The RN-to-BSN

The RN-to-BSN Program provides registered nurses with an associate degree in Nursing, or a diploma in Nursing from an approved program, the opportunity to advance in their educational and career goals. Upper-level coursework emphasizes nursing leadership and the professional skills required for delivering evidenced-based care professionally and safely. Classes are offered online and are predominantly held as eight-week (fast track) courses. Experiential learning hours are required for NUR 4638C: Individual, Family, and Population Health and NUR 4940C: Professional Nursing Excellence (Capstone Course). Theshours are independently arranged by the student, typically at a community agency or at the facility where the student is employed. Every course for the program is taught during every term to facilitate scheduling (i.e., fall, spring, and summer terms). The courses with required experiential learning hours, NUR 4638C and NUR 4940C, run the full length of the term, rather than in a compressed format.

  1. Program Requirements

    Program Flyer

    This link to the Polk State College Catalog/Student Handbook provides the general requirements for baccalaureate degree completion: 

  2. Admission Requirements

    General Information

    A prospective student who is interested in the program is encouraged to contact the baccalaureate advisors for guidance through the admission and registration processes:

    Felecia Zimmerman

    Senior Student Success Advisor, Advising
    Phone: 863.837.5942
    Internal Extension: 5258
    Office: LTB-1283, Lakeland

    Lavern Williams

    Student Success Advisor, Senior, Advising
    Phone: 863.297.1010
    Internal Extension: 5684
    Office: WAD-189, Winter Haven

    New Applicants

    A student must first apply to Polk State College and meet all requirements for admission to the College as a baccalaureate student. Official transcripts of all completed college work must be submitted to the College. There is no separate application for the RN-to-BSN Program. The student must provide verification of nursing licensure as a registered nurse. The student should submit his or her nursing license to the baccalaureate program advisor, Claudy Fenelon.

    Returning Polk State College Students

    A student who has already taken classes at Polk State must still apply as a returning student to update records and declare the Bachelor of Science in Nursing as the desired program code (V6100) for matriculation. There is not a separate application for admission to the RN-to BSN Program. Verification of nursing licensure as a registered nurse is required and must be provided to Claudy Fenelon, the baccalaureate program advisor. 

    Transfer Students

    A student who has already started nursing classes in an RN-to-BSN program at another institution may be eligible to transfer into the Polk State College baccalaureate program. The student must apply to Polk State College and request official transcripts, which are reviewed on a course-by-course basis to determine equivalency to Polk State College courses. In order to receive the Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree from Polk State College, the student must complete at least 25 percent (i.e., 30 credits) of the curriculum and at least 25 percent (i.e., 11 credits) of the upper-division courses required for the RN-to-BSN Program at Polk State College, including the Capstone Course, NUR 4940C Professional Nursing Excellence.

  3. Program Cost, Scholarships, and Aid

    Program Cost (RN-to-BSN Courses Only)

    Note: The following list of tuition costs and fees are estimates and are subject to change without notice. A student may be required to take additional General Education requirements to meet the 120 hours required for a baccalaureate degree, and this may incur a higher cost than represented below. The Program Requirements Section provides more details about these requirements.

    Upper-Division Nursing Coursework Tuition
    Florida Residents: 32 credit hours x 123.89 per credit hour$3,964.48
    Out-of-State Residents: 32 credit hours x 469.70 per credit hour$15,030.40
    Fees (included in the cost of tuition)N/A
    Total In-State Cost$4,464.48
    Total Out-of-State Cost$15,530.40

     Scholarships and Financial Aid

    There are opportunities for nursing-based scholarships available for RN-to-BSN Program students throughout the Academic Year. More information can be found on the Polk State College Foundation Scholarships website ( 

    Financial aid is also available through Polk State College. The College’s Financial Aid page provides more information regarding these opportunities ( 

  4. Accreditation

    The Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program at Polk State College, offered on both the Lakeland Campus and the Winter Haven Campus, is accredited by:

    The Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN), Inc. 
    3390 Peachtree Road NE, Suite 1400 
    Atlanta, GA 30326 
    (404) 975-5000

    Polk State College has achieved Continuing Accreditation status through the ACEN Board of Commissioners for both the Associate of Science in Nursing Program and the Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program. The next accreditation visit for both programs is in the fall of 2025. Publicly disclosed information regarding ACEN accreditation can be viewed online (