Lower Level Course Requirements

General Education Requirements (36 credits):

  • Students who have completed an AA degree at a public Florida college will have met the General Education requirements.  Students who have completed an AA degree at an institution outside of Florida, or those who have earned an AS degree or diploma in nursing, but have General Education courses that may vary from the requirements below, should consult with an advisor to determine if acceptable substitutions may satisfy some or all of Polk State College’s General Education requirements.  Students with a diploma in nursing may need to take additional General Education courses.  These courses do not have to be completed prior to enrollment in the RN to BSN classes.  A grade of at least “C” is required in all program courses.
    • Communications (two courses, 6 credit hours)
      • ENC 1101: College Composition I
      • ENC 1102: College Composition II
    • Mathematics (two courses, 6 credit hours)
      • MGF 1106: Topics in Mathematics or MAC 1105 College Algebra (or higher MAC course)
      • STA 2023: Introduction to Probability and Statistics (required)
    • Humanities (three courses, 9 credit hours)
      • Two courses, 6 credits of any Humanities (HUM), Religion (REL), or Philosophy (PHI) course
      • LIT 1000: Introduction to Literature
    • Social Sciences (two courses, one from each part, 6 credit hours)
      • Part 1
        • PSY 2012: General Psychology
      • Part 2
        • AMH 1010: History of the United States 1607-1877
        • AMH 1020: History of the United States 1877 to present
        • ECO 2013: Principles of Macroeconomics
        • ECO 2023: Principles of Microeconomics
        • POS 1112: State and Local Government
        • POS 2041: American National Government
        • WHO 1012: World Civilization to 1500
        • WHO 1022: World Civilization from 1500 to present
    • Natural Sciences (9 credits)
      • BSC 2085C: Human Anatomy and Physiology I with lab
      • BSC 2086C: Human Anatomy and Physiology II with lab
    • Foreign Language: Per state regulations, to earn a baccalaureate degree individuals must demonstrate proficiency in a foreign language. This requirement can be met by any of the following means:
      • Completion of two years of high school instruction in the same foreign language
      • Completion of a minimum of 8 college-level credits in one foreign language
      • Achievement of minimum scores on a foreign language proficiency exam approved by the Registrar’s Office
      • Completion of a high school diploma from a foreign country where the student studied in a language other than English

Credits for AS Nursing Courses:  Students will receive 42 (39*) block credits for AS program and active license.  *Students who graduate from an AS nursing program where it is documented that nutrition is integrated into the nursing program will receive 42 credits for the nursing license and will not have to take a nutrition course.  If nutrition is not integrated, students will receive 39 credits for the license and must take a nutrition course, such as HUN 1201 or NUR 1192.

Technical Courses from AS Nursing Degree: Students will also need the following additional courses.

  • DEP 2004: Human Development
  • MCB 2010C: Microbiology
  • Additional 3 credit science courses which may be Biological Science (BSC), Chemistry (CHM), or Physics (PHY).  This course is not required to have a lab component.

NOTE:  A student needing any college prep courses must complete those courses before being admitted to a baccalaureate program.