Flying Higher

The Bachelor of Science degree in Aerospace Sciences from Polk State adds more than just a tremendously valuable education to your resume. Earning this degree will allow career advancement opportunities well beyond that of the Associate of Science degree. With two concentrations for both Aerospace Administration and Professional Pilot, this degree covers even more operational theory and real-world practice in these two exciting fields. Mid-level administration positions will require a Bachelor’s degree while pilots will need the Bachelor’s degree to be hired by major airlines and most corporations in flying positions.

The Bachelor of Science degree in Aerospace Sciences requires a total of 60 credits. The program is flexible and allows entry by prospective students who already hold an Associate’s degree from an accredited collegiate program, including non-aviation degree programs. The program consists of 18 credits of General Education or technical education courses, depending on the student’s prior academic background, and a combined upper-level academic core of 21 credits. Then, each student chooses a degree concentration, either Professional Pilot or Aerospace Administration, and then completes 12 credits of concentration-specific coursework to specialize and further direct his or her study of the aerospace industry. Students will round out their academic study by selecting six elective credits from various topics, including aerospace industry internship opportunities. Finally, all program students will complete an undergraduate capstone course to provide a comprehensive review and holistic application of the program academic content and ensure graduates will be fully prepared to enter the aerospace workforce.