Program Requirements

Admission Criteria

General Program Enrollment Criteria

Admission to this program requires an AS or AA degree (or the equivalent) from a regionally-accredited school or college, and at least a 2.0 grade point average on a 4.0 point scale. If the student’s associate’s degree is from a non regionally-accredited institution, but one that is accredited by a body that is recognized by the U.S. Department of Education, a course-by-course evaluation is done according to Polk State College’s transfer practices and policies.

Professional Pilot Concentration

Students who elect the Professional Pilot concentration must also have earned the following Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certificates or ratings prior to beginning the Professional Pilot concentration or elective flight coursework:

  • Private Pilot (Airplane Single Engine Land)
  • Instrument Rating (Single Engine or Multi-Engine)
  • Commercial Pilot (Single Engine Land or Multi-Engine Land)

These ratings can be earned in the Polk State College Associate of Science in Professional Pilot Science degree program. Alternatively, students may have earned these ratings through any FAA-approved provider.

Please consult the Program Requirements page for the Polk State Aerospace Professional Pilot Science degree program for additional requirements specific to courses that involve flight training. These requirements are still binding for upper-level flight-related coursework.

Aerospace Administration Concentration

Other than the general program enrollment criteria, no additional requirements exist for entry into the Aerospace Administration concentration.

Graduation Requirements

Prior to graduating from the Bachelor of Science degree in Aerospace Sciences, enrolled students must meet the following program requirements.

  • Complete 120 credits of academic coursework as stipulated in the current course catalog.
  • Earn an overall cumulative grade point average of 2.0 or higher.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in a foreign language through any one of the following means:
    • Completion of two years of high school instruction in the same foreign language
    • Completion of a minimum of 8 college-level credits in one foreign language
    • Achievement of minimum scores on a foreign language proficiency exam approved by the Registrar’s Office
    • Completion of a high school diploma from a foreign country where the student studied in a language other than English
  • Complete at least 25 percent (30 credit hours) of the program courses at Polk State College.
  • Complete at least 25 percent (15 credit hours) of the upper-division courses required for the BS degree program at Polk State College, including the capstone course.
  • Hold an FAA Multi-Engine Rating (Professional Pilot concentration only)