Getting Started

Our staff wants you to have a complete and well-rounded view of the aerospace industry as well as what we at Polk State can provide you as you pursue this exciting career field. Because of the time- and resource-intensive nature of flight training, students in the Professional Pilot program must meet with the program director or program coordinator before enrolling in their first flight training course. Students seeking the Aerospace Administration degree are also encouraged to meet with the program director, program coordinator, or faculty member to get an overview of the degree and potential career opportunities prior to enrolling in the program.

Below is the general process for getting started in the aerospace program. A much more detailed explanation of the admissions process, including information on the financial aid process, can be found on the Admission and Aid page of the College’s main website. Further explanations of specific program requirements can be found on the individual degree program pages.

Step 1: Information and Orientation

Please take advantage of the tremendous faculty and staff resources that exist within Polk State Aerospace so that you can completely understand program outcomes and expectations prior to enrollment in program courses. We are just as interested in your success as you are. From a simple phone call or email exchange to a campus tour or introductory flight, we are excited to share aviation and our program with you. You can find contact information for our program department on this site or through our People page.

Our program website strives to be a central collection point for all of the foundational information a student would need to know prior to enrolling in Polk State Aerospace. Please review the website content, especially the FAQs. If you have a question that the website does not answer, please let us know so that we can correct that.

Please watch for program updates on our Facebook and/or Twitter accounts, both of which are linked here and on each page of our program website. We encourage you to follow those accounts as it is a good way to get an inside look into what we and our students are doing on a daily basis.

Finally, make plans to attend one of our program open house events where we offer a direct look at Polk State Aerospace operations and also provide an opportunity to speak with various College departments, such as Advising and Financial Aid. Two such events are hosted annually, prior to the start of the Fall and Spring terms. Watch for notifications of these events on social media or via the calendar located on our website.


Step 2: Application and Financial Aid

Once you have made the decision that Polk State Aerospace is the right choice for you (great choice, by the way!), it is time to apply to the College and seek acceptance to one of our programs of study. All students must complete the free, online Polk State College Application. As part of the application process, you will select one of our degree programs. For more information on each degree option, including entry requirements, costs, required courses, and more, visit the program catalog links found on the “About the Program” page under each degree option on our website.

This is also the point where you might want to consider financial aid opportunities that might be available to you. From grants to scholarships to student loans, there are a ton of options available to you, and the College’s Financial Aid Department will help you understand the process and obtain funding that you are eligible to receive. If you are a Veteran of the United States Armed Forces, you should work with Financial Aid staff to determine your eligibility to attend Polk State Aerospace using your VA benefits.


Step 3: Transcripts and Testing

As part of the admissions process, you will need to provide transcripts from your high school and all colleges you have attended. Polk State College and the Aerospace Department want to ensure that you receive transfer credit for all acceptable courses you have taken at previous academic institutions. If you will be entering the Aerospace program with any FAA credentials, such as pilot, flight instructor, mechanic certification, or another aerospace industry certification, please be sure to work with the program department, to ensure the timely and accurate posting of your applicable college credit.

Flight students seeking college credit for FAA certifications held at the point of program entry are required to complete a Certificated Student Assessment (CSA) with program staff prior to the award of college credit for FAA pilot and/or instructor credentials. More information on this process is available in the Frequently Asked Questions section of the website or by contacting the program department.

Note: Program students may not bring in FAA certifications for college credit after the completion of their first semester in Polk State Aerospace. After program admission, all required flight training for the purpose of earning a degree at Polk must be completed through a college-contracted flight training provider.

Depending on a variety of factors, some students may be required to complete a college placement test. The Registrar’s Office will determine whether or not you need to complete a placement test after reviewing your application and transcripts. If a placement test is required, the College’s Advising department can assist you with coordinating test completion.

Note: Students who do not place in college-level math and English courses cannot enroll in Aerospace program courses until adequate placement is obtained.


Step 4: Registration

You have made it! It is time to register for your first courses at Polk State College. While this may seem daunting now, you will soon become very comfortable with the registration process. After completing new student orientation, which can be completed online or in person on the Lakeland and Winter Haven campuses, you will have all the tools you need to complete registration, including knowledge of Polk State’s PASSPORT system and your student email account – both very important. For a successful registration experience, you really only need three things:

  1. Your degree audit (available in PASSPORT)
  2. The recommended program progression (available on the appropriate Aerospace program webpage)
  3. Access to the course scheduling function in PASSPORT

If you have any trouble with registration, please contact the College’s advising staff. Some students actually prefer to complete registration for the first term with an academic adviser to ensure they complete the process correctly. While this is certainly not necessary, the option is available to you, if necessary.

Note: If you are a pilot student seeking to enroll in a flight training course, you must complete a Flight Lab Request Form, available from the  About the Program page under each flight degree program on this website. You can also obtain the form from our advising staff at the Polk State College Airside Center.

Note: Be sure to complete all required financial aid paperwork and the Flight Lab Request Form (for flight students only) prior to the Financial Aid Guarantee Deadline for each academic semester.


Step 5: Indoctrination (Flight Program Only)

All flight students in Polk State Aerospace complete Indoctrination training each semester. New, incoming students complete Basic Indoctrination, which is a day-long orientation and standardization session designed to help students acclimate to Polk State Aerospace flight operations, including program policies and procedures. Existing students complete Recurrent Indoctrination each semester to review policy and procedures, including relevant changes that have been made prior to the start of a new term. Recurrent Indoctrination is only a half-day session.

Basic and Recurrent Indoctrination occur immediately preceding the Fall and Spring semesters. All enrolled students will receive notification of Indoctrination training sessions via their Polk State email account on or around the Financial Aid Guarantee deadline for the applicable semester. Students will complete an online learning session prior to the physical, in-person Indoctrination session.


  • CANVAS (for Indoctrination online training access for enrolled students only)