Student Orientation



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24/7 online  \ Computers available on all campuses in Advising and TLCC


  1. Best viewed in Chrome or Firefox. Internet Explorer and Safari are not supported. Skipping through will lock you out you must complete the entire orientation to receive certificate.
  2. All new Polk State College students, including dual-enrolled students, Collegiate and readmitting student must take orientation. Transient students are not required to take it.
  3. Take the PERT, unless exempt.
  4. You do not need to see an advisor before taking Student Orientation.
  5. Have available any of the following that applies to you:
    • P.E.R.T. SAT or ACT placement test results
    • Unofficial post-secondary transcripts
    • Paper, Pencil or pen
    • Might want to grab a cup of coffee too!
  6. Student Orientation takes about one and a half hours. You can pause and take a short break. Do not skip or exit you will lose your progress and have to restart the orientation.
  7. When you finish Student Orientation, you will see your certificate on the last page. What do you do with the certificate to clear registration hold?
    • Students forward your certificate by last name to:
      A-M N-Z
      Send a jpg or a screenshot image of your certificate – Put ONLINE STUDENT in subject line.
    • First-time-in-college (FTIC) students registers and attends pre-advising You must bring in person your proof of orientation completion to Pre-Advising, either printed or as a screenshot/photo. If this is the first semester you have attended since you graduated from high school, you are FTIC even if you were dual-enrolled previously.
    • Dual enrollment and Collegiate students must bring certificate of completion in any format to register in-person with an advisor on campus.
    • ReadmittingTransfer, and EPI students can email the certificate to if registering online or bring in-person when you meet with an advisor on campus.
    • Call the Information Center at 863.297.1000 if you are experiencing any issues.
    • Allow 24 hours during our normal business hours for emailed Orientation holds to be lifted.