Aerospace Administration (AS)


Managing the National Airspace System

The purpose of the Aerospace Administration Program is to prepare those seeking employment in the aviation, airline, and/or airport fields with the skills and experiences necessary to be successful. Graduates of this program may seek employment opportunities in the federal, state, and local government aviation fields, while others may find opportunities in airline fields including entry-level jobs in customer service, operations, and air cargo, as well as entry- to mid-level management positions. Graduates may also apply for positions in supporting aviation entities, such as suppliers and service providers for airlines and government aviation agencies.

The Associate of Science in Aerospace Administration degree program requires a total of 60 credits. The program consists of 18 credits of General Education courses and an aviation business core of 33 credits. Then, each student chooses up to nine credits of electives to specialize and further direct his or her study of aerospace administration. These elective credits can also be used for aerospace industry internships, which greatly expand the student’s skills in the aerospace niche of the market.