Associate in Arts (AA)

The Associate in Arts (AA) degree is designed for students interested in pursuing a four-year bachelor’s degree. Programs of study leading to the AA degree consist of a general education component of 36 credit hours as well as 24 credits of college-transfer electives for a total of 60 credits. Click here to learn about Polk State’s general education requirements.

The program requirements to enter specific majors within the State University System and the Florida College System are quite varied. Students are encouraged to decide on an upper-division major when they enroll at Polk State College and follow the state-prescribed advising track for that major.

During orientation, students learn how to use the student portal called PASSPORT. In PASSPORT, students will select the transferring university or college of their choice, as well as a major of interest. PASSPORT will then provide the specific requirements needed to complete an AA degree at Polk State College, and will ultimately articulate all course credits earned at Polk State directly to the transfer institution.

Students should meet with an advisor to assist them in selecting general education core courses and recommended electives to prepare for their chosen upper-division major.