The TLCCs provide a variety of testing services for current and future Polk State students, as well as students of other institutions. Each test taker MUST present photo identification; this identification must include a recognizable photo and the tester’s preprinted name. Examples of acceptable photo IDs include a driver’s license, state-issued photo ID, official school ID card, a passport, and an official work ID/badge. A copy or photo of an individual’s identification will not be accepted. Some test types require additional identification; the student must verify the requirements of a particular exam before arriving for testing (links regarding testing requirements are located on the left side of this page). Information about obtaining a Florida State ID card or driver’s license can be found on the Florida DMV website.

To ensure the integrity and quality of the testing environment, cell phones and other electronic devices are not permitted in the testing area.

For more information, students are encouraged to contact:

Winter Haven
Summer Hicks


JD Alexander Center
Rachel Roldan