Polk State College offers tutoring services to Polk State students on campus and online.

Online: Click on this link (https://canvas.polk.edu/enroll/ENYJRB) to enroll in the tutoring course and begin interacting with the tutors.

  • Drop off a paper for a writing tutor to review
  • Post to a tutor-monitored discussion board
  • Work with a tutor directly via web conference

The TLCCs provide tutoring services for many subjects by both peer and professional tutors. Tutoring is available to currently enrolled Polk State College students at no cost.

On campus: Tutoring schedules at Polk State’s campuses and centers can be found by clicking the link below:

Tutoring Schedules

Tutoring serves as a supplement to the classroom experience. Students are encouraged to attend class as scheduled, and then take advantage of tutoring services to reinforce concepts taught by the instructor.

Tutoring Subjects

  1. Writing Assistance

    Writing tutors are available to work with students on the writing process for Polk State College course assignments. During the interactive session, the tutors can assist with specific questions about the writing process, including brainstorming and planning, revising rough drafts, preparing citations, and formatting a document.

  2. Math Tutoring

    Tutoring support is available for varying levels of math. Students are encouraged to visit the math tutors regularly and to arrive prepared with current assignments and specific questions.

  3. Computer Assistance and Resources

    Computer tutors are available to assist students with coursework associated with computer courses.* These individuals can also provide assistance with completing computer-based assignments for Polk State College courses.

  4. Science Tutoring

    Tutors are available for various sciences in courses such as Anatomy and Physiology, Microbiology, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.* A tutor can assist with questions related to homework assignments, concepts and processes related to the subject, as well as formulas and equations used in the various disciplines.

  5. Languages

    Tutors are available to provide assistance with learning and practicing skills for the various languages taught at the College (e.g., Spanish, French, and American Sign Language).*

  6. Accounting Tutoring

    Tutors are available to assist with the concepts and mathematics used in various accounting and finance courses.*

  7. English for Academic Purposes (EAP)

    English for Academic Purposes (EAP) courses are designed for students who are non-native English speakers. EAP courses will teach you the language skills you need for your academic plan. If you learn best with individual instruction, come to the new World Connect Center on the second floor of the WLR at the Winter Haven campus.

    For more information, contact Professor Ivanova (livanova@polk.edu).

TLCC contact information:

Email:  O365-Tutoring@polk.edu

Phone numbers:
Lakeland: 863.297.1044
JDA: 863.298.6830
Winter Haven: 863.297.1033

*Please note: The courses for which tutoring is provided may vary among campuses and centers. Please check the tutoring schedule of the specific campus or center for availability.