Polk State Course Tests

Each test taker MUST present an official photo identification that includes a recognizable photo and the tester’s pre-printed name. Copies or photos of identification are not accepted. The individual is not presented with a test without a photo ID.

Upon an instructor’s request, makeup, distance education, and other special testing is administered in the TLCC. The TLCCs adhere strictly to the instructions provided by the instructor regarding time limits or aids allowed such as calculators, books, note cards, and scratch paper.

In order to take an exam, the student must know the name of the instructor for whom he or she is testing, as well as the course section and the test number or title.

To ensure the integrity and quality of the testing environment, cell phones and other electronic devices are not permitted in the testing area.

The student must begin testing in the TLCC at least one hour prior to closing or before the maximum amount of time allowed for the test—whichever is greater. The student is responsible for checking with the instructor regarding the maximum time allowed for an exam.

The TLCC uses audio and video surveillance in all testing areas.