International Transcripts

Foreign Transcript Evaluation

If you have a transcript from a foreign country, even if it is in English, it must be evaluated by a foreign credentialing service. However, if the transcript is from an institution that is accredited by a body in the U.S.; you may provide proof of that accreditation, and an English copy of the transcript to determine if an evaluation is necessary. Contact if you have questions regarding your foreign credential.

For course-by-course evaluations: The evaluation services will need an English translation and an official transcript from the College or University you attended. If your institution provides a transcript in English you will not need to pay the additional fee for an English translation.

High School and College Transcripts – will require a formal evaluation at your expense.

  • Contact an evaluation agency to purchase an official evaluation report which will be sent to Polk State College. A list of agencies is found at NACES. If you have already had an evaluation of your credentials, you may submit it to the College to determine if it is acceptable for admission.
  • If transcripts are in a language other than English, a certified English translation must also be provided to the evaluation agency. Check with your selected evaluation service about an official translation. The Ministry of Education in the home country or a certified translation service in the United States, such as those found on the American Translators Association website, may also provide the translation.