Non-Degree Seeking Students

Other Learning Opportunities

Polk State College has many learning opportunities that are not college degrees, certificates, or advanced technology diplomas.

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  1. Are you interested in one of the Collegiate High Schools?
  2. Are you interested in one of the many non-credit training opportunities through Corporate College?
  3. Are you looking for programs for youth, such as Kids at College?
  4. Are you a degreed person interested in qualifying to be a school teacher through the Educator Preparation Institute?
  5. Are you interested in college courses but are not seeking a degree?  The information below is for you!

 What is a non-degree-seeking student?

A student who takes classes:

  • for pleasure,
  • to maintain or obtain certification, such as teacher certification,
  • to meet admission requirements for a program at another institution or a limited admission program at Polk State.

Can a non-degree-seeking student get financial aid?

You must be seeking a valid degree at Polk State College or be admitted to a limited admission program to get most forms of financial aid. Under some circumstances, loans may be available through Student Financial Services to pay for prerequisites to a limited admission program.

Do I need to submit all of my transcripts to Polk State College?

Yes. Submit your official transcripts.

How do I register?

Non-degree-seeking students can register online through PASSPORT.  You may visit an advisor for help.  You will learn more about registering in Student Orientation.