State Aid

State aid options and resources available at Polk State include the following:

State Grants

Grants offered through the state of Florida include:

Florida Bright Futures Scholarship

How do I apply for Bright Futures?

Applications for Bright Futures are handled at the high school. Please contact your high school counselor for further information.

Bright Futures students will be responsible for the difference in the Bright Futures award and the cost of tuition and fees, which must be paid by the student’s due date.

Your award will show on the Financial Aid Recipient History screen of your application at

Where do I find Bright Futures award amounts for the current academic year?

See the current established award amount per credit hour on the Bright Futures website at

Do bright futures recipients have to repay the cost for courses withdrawn from at Polk State College?

Yes. Repayment for the cost of withdrawn courses is required to renew a Bright Futures award at the end of the spring term for a subsequent academic year. You will not be able to renew your Bright Futures award until repayment or an arrangement to reimburse is made.

Where do I find information on restoring my eligibility for my Bright Futures Scholarship?

See the current established restoration and appeal process on the Bright Futures website at:

Do I have to be a full-time student to receive Bright Futures?

You are not required to enroll full-time to receive Bright Futures funding. Part-time students must enroll in a minimum of six semester hours per term (or the equivalent). Part-time students must earn the required number of hours for which they were funded.

For more information, go to the state’s Bright Futures website.

Other State Scholarships

Other Scholarships offered through the state of Florida include:

Florida Work Experience Program

The Florida Work Experience Grant (FWEP) is a need-based grant that allows eligible Florida students work experiences to complement and reinforce their educational and career goals. The College determines application procedures, deadlines, student eligibility, and award amount in accordance with the Florida statutes.

For more information, see the state’s website.