Transfer Students

Transfer and Complete Your Degree at Polk State College!

We look forward to helping you with your transfer questions.

Our goal is to maximize your past post-secondary academic record by carefully evaluating credit and applying it to Polk State College equivalent courses or using it for electives in programs where electives apply.


Tips for Admitting as a Transfer Student

Best advice – start early.

  • If you apply and submit official transcripts no later than six weeks before the term starts, your credits will most likely be evaluated and entered into Polk State’s student record system before the registration period for the term is over.
  • Apply  for admission and submit official transcripts six weeks before the posted open registration date, if you want your credits evaluated in time to register early.Order a transcript from every post-secondary institution, college, or university you attended. The accreditation or type of post-secondary institution does not matter.  See below for specific information about accreditation and how it affects your transfer credit.


What is the process to evaluate my transcripts from previous institutions?

There are two stages of transcript evaluation:

  • Stage One – The initial evaluation is entering all transfer work onto your Polk State College record. Takes approximately one week from receipt of your previous institution’s transcript. Some courses may map automatically.
  • Stage Two – Mapping your transfer work to Polk State courses and degrees. Takes approximately six weeks from the initial evaluation of your previous institution’s transcript.

If you want to challenge the evaluation, complete a Transfer Action Request form. You are required to provide a course description and/or a syllabus. Transfer Action requests are only reviewed six weeks after your transcripts have been received by Polk State. Prior to that, your Transfer Action Request will be rejected.


Does Polk State need ALL of my past postsecondary transcripts?

Yes, regardless of age or accreditation, we need copies of transcripts from all previously attended institutions.


I am transferring, but my transcripts won’t arrive in time for me to register. What do I do?

Have an unofficial copy of your transcripts with you when you visit the advisor. It will help you register for appropriate classes without duplicating what you have already taken.


How do I know if my transcripts have arrived or are evaluated? What do I do if they aren’t here?

Look at your Passport account often to watch for your transcript evaluations and contact us at if:

  • You ordered a transcript more than 7 days from the date the transferring institution tells you it was sent, and it is not showing as received.
  • You contacted the transferring institution and both Polk and the transferring institution have:
    • Your correct SS#
    • Your correct name
    • Your correct date of birth



 I owe a past school, so they will not release my transcript. What does this mean for me at Polk State College?

You must submit all required transcripts to attend Polk State.  You may attend one term while records are being sent and/or evaluated. But you won’t be able to register for subsequent terms without all required transcripts being submitted.  Remember without required transcripts you, also,  will not qualify for federal financial aid.  For more information on what to do or to petition for attendance, contact the Registrar at


Does my transfer record count in my Polk State College GPA?

Any graded work transferred in will count in the Polk State College cumulative GPA. Polk State College Standards of Academic Progress will apply.


How many credits can I transfer to get a degree?

You must take 25% of your degree program at Polk State College. Bachelor students must additionally take 25% of upper-division courses at Polk State. You may transfer all valid credits that meet a requirement.

Tips on Ordering Transcripts from Other Schools

To order a transcript from your sending institution(s), contact your former institution or visit its website to learn its procedure. Most state colleges and universities will send an electronic transcript. Some institutions charge a transcript fee.  Our mailing address for paper transcript requests is:

Polk State College
Registrar’s Office
999 Ave. H NE
Winter Haven, FL 33881-4299

Our email address for secure PDF transcripts is

Tips on Nationally Accredited Institutions

Getting the Most Credit Possible

  • We will not accept credits from schools that are not under a nationally approved accreditation body. The CHEA or U.S. DOE maintains lists of approved accrediting bodies. An easy way to know if your institution is accredited by an approved national accrediting body is that approved ones can distribute federal financial aid.  Schools with non-approved accrediting bodies cannot distribute federal financial aid.
  • If your institution has an approved accrediting body, then thoroughly complete the Credit Evaluation Worksheet.
    •  Must be 100% complete.
    • Recommend you provide a description or syllabus for each class.
    • You must be a matriculated student before we will process a worksheet. A matriculated student has attended at least one term past the drop deadline of the term and has a transcribed record from Polk State College.
    • You must make this request before the Drop deadline of your graduating term for credit transfer consideration.
  • Contact your transferring institution’s registrar for assistance with answers to the worksheet questions. Each student must complete the worksheet.

NOTE: One student’s credit from a sending institution may be accepted but another’s not for the same course, depending on the factors on the worksheet for the section of the course you took.

Contact Transcript Services at or call our information center at 863.297.1000 for additional help.