Important Program Application Information


Applications to the Radiography Program are available July 1st to August 31 of each year and must be submitted in person by August 31st to an academic advisor at one of the College’s four locations. Applications will NOT be accepted until all five (5) prerequisite courses have been completed by the student. Please review the application checklist with the academic advisor before submitting the final application. If you have any questions about the application process, please contact the Radiography Program Director.   

We hope our website provides you with answers to your questions about the Radiography program at Polk State College.

The Radiography program fosters and supports creative and positive learning experiences within an atmosphere of academic excellence and continuous improvement. The goal of the Radiography program is to provide every student with the knowledge, skills, and professional attributes necessary to succeed as radiographers.

The Radiography program provides its students an organized curriculum that includes courses in general education and radiological education, while preparing students for careers as members of the healthcare team. The radiographer is a licensed professional who is primarily responsible for applying ionizing radiation to demonstrate portions of the human body on a radiograph, fluoroscopic screen, or other imaging modality to assist the physician in the diagnosis of disease and injury. Radiographers work in hospitals, private practices, clinics, traveling agencies, and other qualified facilities.

The Radiography Program is offered at the Polk State College Airside Center in Lakeland. Classes and clinical assignments are scheduled Monday – Friday.