Program Requirements

Prerequisite Courses (must be completed prior to application submission):

ENC 1101 College Composition I
MAC 1105 College Algebra (or higher)
BSC 2085C Human Anatomy & Physiology I
BSC 2086C Human Anatomy & Physiology II
HSC 1531 Medical Terminology


It is highly recommended that the required additional general education courses listed below be completed prior to submitting a Radiography Program application. These courses, however, can be completed at any time during the 2-year program:

HLP 1081 Wellness Concepts

CGS 1061 Intro to Computers
PHI 2600 Ethics
Social Science approved for General education


 RTE Program Core Course Sequence by Semester:

Please note each term consists of a combination of classes held at the Airside Center, Lakeland and required clinic assignments at various clinical facilities. The clinic schedule (specific days/week and hours /day)will vary each term.

 Spring Semester Year 1

RTE 1000 – Orientation to Radiologic Technology

RTE 1111 – Radiographic Nursing Procedures

RTE 1503C – Radiographic Positioning I

RTE 1804L – Radiographic Clinical I

Summer Semester Year 1

RTE 1513C – Radiographic Positioning II 

RTE 1418 – Principles of Radiographic Exposure I

RTE 1814L – Radiographic Clinical II

 Fall Semester Year 1

RTE 2523C – Radiographic Positioning III

RTE 1458 – Principles of Radiographic Exposure II

RTE 2458C – Radiographic Quality Assurance

RTE 2824L – Radiographic Clinical III

 Spring Semester Year 2

RTE 2762 – Cross-Sectional Anatomy

RTE 2782C – Radiographic Pathology

RTE 1613 – Radiographic Physics

RTE 2834L – Radiographic Clinical IV

Summer Semester Year 2

RTE 2385 – Radiation Biology and Protection

RTE 2844L – Radiographic Clinical V

 Fall Semester Year 2

RTE 2061 – Radiographic Seminar

RTE 2854L – Radiographic Clinical VI

Grading System/Scale

Grading policies are clearly stated in course syllabi, which are given to the student in the first week of class. The student must achieve at least a C grade in every radiography class and maintain a 2.00 college-wide GPA in order to remain in the Radiography Program.

 The course grade will be determined by the following scale:

                92-100         = A

                84 – 91        = B

                75 – 83        = C

                70 – 74         =D

                Below 70     = F

 Radiography Program: AS-25570
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