Digital Media students tour news studio.

Digital Media students tour news studio.

Transfer Plans?

A two-year AS degree in Digital Media prepares you for immediate employment upon graduation for entry-level media positions. However, a two-year AA degree prepares you for transfer to a bachelor’s degree program at a four-year university. So, what options do we offer to students who wish to complete an AS in Digital Media and then transfer to a bachelor’s program?

We recommend you complete the AS in Digital Media and then take a few more courses at Polk State to get an AA degree.

The advantage of this approach is that state universities in Florida will accept your AA degree in full including all your courses. However, if you transfer to a four-year university such as USF, UCF or UF with an AS degree only, their admissions department will review your transcript to determine which courses will be accepted. So even though you are able to enroll in a four-year university with an AS degree, an AA degree offers a a more streamlined path.

If you intend to transfer to a state university after completing an AS degree in Digital Media at Polk State, ensure you have:

  1. Maintained a 2.5 GPA or above
  2. Completed two college-level English composition courses with a “C” or better grade
  3. Completed two college-level Mathematics courses with a “C” or better grade
  4. Completed a foreign language course at the second level (such as Spanish II)

Select the appropriate link for more information about transfers to institutions such as UFUCF or USF.

Equivalent Courses

Recently, we received additional information from UCF about art and digital media courses offered by Polk State that are considered equivalents to courses  offered in UCF’s BA or BFA degrees in their School of Visual Arts & Design. These courses include:

  1. ARH 1050 – Intro to Art History I (equivalent to UCF’s ARH 2050)
  2. ARH 1051 – Intro Art History II (equivalent to UCF’s ARH 2051)
  3. GRA 2156C – Digital Illustration (equivalent to UCF’s GRA 2101C)
  4. ART 1201C – Design I (equivalent to UCF’s ART 2201C)
  5. ART 1203C – Design II (equivalent to UCF’s ART 2203C)
  6. ART 1300C – Drawing and Composition I (equivalent to UCF’s ART 2300C)
  7. ART 1301C – Drawing and Composition II (equivalent to UCF’s ART 2301C)
  8. ART 2330C – Figure Drawing I (equivalent to UCF’s ART 2301C)
  9. DIG 2000C – Introduction to Digital Media (equivalent to UCF’s DIG 2000C)
  10. DIG 2030C – Digital Video and Sound (equivalent to UCF’s DIG 2030C)
  11. DIG 2109C – Digital Imaging Fundamentals (equivalent to UCF’s DIG 2109C)
  12. DIG 2500C – Fundamentals of Interactive Design (equivalent to UCF’s DIG 2500C)

For more information, please contact Polk State’s advising or transfer departments for help. For questions about digital media, please contact Dr. Gregory Johnson.