Common Questions

  1. Why change the existing Digital Media / Multimedia program?

    Digital Media and Technology is a constantly changing field that requires regular updates to course offerings to reflect emerging academic and workforce needs. Our program in its current form promotes technical skills development by introducing students to specific software applications for image editing, web programming, video creation, and related skills.

    Every few years, we gather a panel of experts (advisory committee) to help us review and improve our digital media (DM) program. After evaluating our course offerings, members of the panel recommended that we expand our focus beyond technical skills development and instead implement a comprehensive focus that introduces students to universal principles of good design, creative ideas, interactivity, interface design, usability, web design, oral and written communication, visual storytelling, imaging, lighting, composition, target audience awareness, client needs, project management, troubleshooting, portfolio development, entrepreneurship and soft skills development. Technical skills development will remain a core strength of our program but will be supplemented by a comprehensive approach to digital media that offers solutions.

  2. What courses have been removed from the program?

    1. COP 1000 Introduction to Programming
    2. COP 2823 Advanced Web Authoring
    3. CGS 1061 Intro. to Computers and I.S.
    4. GRA 1204C Comp Desktop Publishing
    5. VIC 2301C  Advanced Multimedia Presentations
    6. GRA 1206 Fundamentals of Typography
    7. MMC 1000 Communication and Mass Media
    8. CGS 2800C Web Architecture and Design
    9. MAR 2011 Principles of Marketing
    10. GRA 2156C Digital Design and Illustration (Revised)
  3. Why was the name of the program changed?

    The existing name was too long. We shortened the new name to Digital Media Technology. We think you will like it.

  4. What software do you use in the new Digital Media Technology program?

    Currently, we use the latest version of Adobe Creative Cloud which includes the latest released versions of industry standard software such as Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere Pro and After Effects.

    We also use a variety of other software including Microsoft Office, Final Cut Pro, Motion, Compressor, Camtasia, Red Giant effects suites and several other high quality applications including open-source apps. Software used in a course depends on the instructor, course requirements, and other factors. Please contact the instructors if you need specific information.

  5. Do I need to complete AS degree core courses first before completing a DMT certificate?

    No . . . not at all. You are not required to take the Digital Media Technology core requirements prior to enrolling in one of our certificate options.

    Our certificate offerings were designed as stand-a-lone programs that allow a person who already has some training or a prior degree to gain additional skills in one of the concentrations we offer.

    For instance, a person with a bachelor’s degree who wish to edit video may enroll in our Digital Video Production certificate and complete the courses required. A few courses have prerequisites, and these must be completed first, but generally, a certificate program may be completed in one or two semesters if a student takes two or three courses each semester.

  6. Will the courses I take for a certificate transfer to the AS degree?

    Yes. Students who complete one of the three certificates in Digital Media may apply those credits to a Digital Media AS degree in Web Production, Graphic Design or Video Production. Additionally, students must complete the required general education courses, core requirements and any other course required for the AS program.