Digital media projects, videos, activities, and submissions created by students

Showcase 2017 Photos

We posted our showcase photos on Facebook. Please take a look here.

Digital Media staff and students pose against a logo patterned backdrop.

Showcase Photos

Thanks Santiago and Justin for taking these. Great work!

Student Showcase MAY 1st, 2017

Image Editing

Edited Image Slideshow

Photography I

Photography I

Photography II

Photography II

Video Lighting

Video Lighting

Web Design

Web Design

Beginner Page Design

Beginner Page Design

Advanced Page Design

Advanced Page Design


Bryan Arnette – “Sarah”

Bryan’s powerful story of hurt and healing won 1st place in the category of Audio Editing.

Cristina Lancranjan – “Prozac”

Joseph Tucker – “Ballgame”

Tierney Hofstetter – “Childhood”

Jerremy Tychewicz – “Opera”

Beginner Video

Cameron Roney – “Pip Boy”

Casey Chung – “The Right Answer”

Macy Foster – “Think of a Number”

Advanced Video

Advanced Video

“Mr. Interview”




Sheldon Johnson – “International Student: Mandy Cardenas”

Student Showcase APRIL 29th, 2016

The 4th Annual Digital Media Student Spring Showcase was a huge success thanks to our wonderful lab assistants, professors and volunteers! Below are the submissions for the 2016 Showcase.


Photography I

Photography II

Motion Graphics

“The Picture Adventure” by Lewis Jones

“Starry Lights” by Mykel Blackwood

“Midnight Jaunt” by Deanna Legendre

“PTSD” by John Bennett

Page Design

Page Design: Beginner

Page Design: Intermediate

Page Design: Advanced

Audio Editing

“Surfs Up” by Camry Brewer

“Five Years Old” by Joshua Rushing

“My Dad” by Gregory Leon

Video: Beginner

“Why College?” by Camry Brewer

“Why College?” by Marnie Villanueva

“Why College?” by Kristin Reiher

“Why College?” by Daisha Roberts

“Lost Boy” by Sarah Grice

Video: Intermediate

“The Exchange” by Aaron Venrick-Ross

“The Assumption” by Andrew Gleckler

“The Hamburglar” by Brittany Baggett

“The Laptop Thief” by Ian Jackson

“Red” by Monica Manjarres

Video: Advanced

“April Fools” by Juan Santana

“Digital Media Reports” by Mykel Blackwood & Dirk Sholar

“Self Image” by Juan Santana, Mykel Blackwood, Kimberly Santos, Brittany Baggett, and Rebecca Ruiz

Student Showcase APRIL 30, 2015

Digital Media has once again put on a successful Spring Student Showcase. Select one of the categories below to see the amazing work our students submitted.

Edited Images

“Edited Images”


“The Snowman” Katherine Lehman

“Earth” Katherine Lehman

“Freedom Feather Intro” Lilliam Castro

“Sewing with Cassandra” Cassandra Ballard

“Magical Media” Ada Lopez

“A day at the Circus” Cassandra Ballard

“Freedom Feather” Lilliam Castro


“$100” Alex Hughes

“Pizza Making” Ada Lopez

“Survival” Alexander Hughes, Lilliam Castro, Graham Johnson, Disaree Viera, Oscar Crespo

“Sore Loser” Lilliam Castro

“Maniacal” Ada Lopez, Lisa Martino, and Calvin Dillard


Photography I

Photography II

Page Design

Page Design: Beginner

Page Design: Intermediate

Page Design: Personal Branding

Page Design: Corporate Branding

Page Design: Portfolio

Audio Editing

” Car Radio – Tim Serdynski

Two Seconds – Mykel Blackwood

“Happy Father’s Day” by Safat Osmani

“Retention Pond” by Deanna Legendre

“Raining Outside” by Victoria Longoria

“I remember” by Cassie Conway

Video: Beginner

“Relationship Advice” by Daved Thompson

“Why College?” by Jeanne Wagner

“Relationship Advice” by Kimberly Santos

“I Wonder” by Kayla Valle

“Relationship Advice” by Dirk Sholar

“Relationships” by Monica Manjarres

Video: Intermediate

“Woo Energy” by Justin Symmes, Nick Tribble, Alette Mincey, and Durrell Tillman

“Lost in Time” by Victoria Longoria

“Beast” by Mykel Blackwood

“Phone Ad” by Gabriele Watson, Anthony Russo, Dirk Sholar, and Elizabeth Heath

“Red” by Monica Manjarres

“Alarminator” by Daved Thompson, Alyssa St. Hilaire, Wanda Graham, and Matthew Krell

Video: Advanced

“Discrimihate” by Lilliam Castro, Ada Lopez, Keith Nehila, and Robert Little

“Ipotato” by Brandon Hosegood, Kayleigh Larsen, and Alex Aviles

“Germophobe” by Ada Lopez, Lilliam Castro, Raphael Manjarres, Lisa Martino, and Jessica Clauss

Video: Lighting

“The Prowl” Ada Lopez

Staircase Lighting by Keith Nehila

Student Showcase 2014

Spring showcase for 2014 was very well attended. Here are some of the highlights from each category


Photography I

Photography II

Lighting Photography

Edited Images

Edited Image



Page Design

Page Layout I

Page Layout II

Page Layout III

Audio Editing


Video: Advanced

Video – Advanced

Stop Motion

Stop Motion



Short Film

Short Film Category

Polk State College Digital Media student Drake Sholar and his brother Dirk directed, produced and edited a short film about two boys who hire a zombie butler. They also play the role of actors in the short film.

The movie won best prize in the film category at the Polk State College spring showcase 2014.

“Mom” Animation – Jessica Jordan-Muniz

Polk State College Digital media student Jessica Jordan-Muniz creates a beautiful stop-motion animation film about the importance of mothers, and how much her own mother means to her.

“Hillsong College Australia” – Gregory Gomez

Polk State College Digital Media student Gregory Gomez created this video to promote his GoFundMe page. He discusses his lifetime wish to go to Hillsong College in Australia to study music. He also explores his life-long love of music and a plea for a financial help to pay for college.

“Social Anxiety” – Mandy Harlan

Polk State College Digital Media student Mandy Harlan introduces the concept of social anxiety and explores ways to handle it. Well done Mandy!

“Will You Speak His Name?” Music Video – Jayfem Santana

Polk State College Digital Media student Jayfem Santana creates an awe-inspiring music video for singer/songwriter Rebecca Renfroe’s song “Will You Speak His Name?”

“History of Lakeland” – Cassandra Ballard

Polk State College Digital Media student Cassandra Ballard gives us a detailed depiction of the history of Lakeland.

“Ants” – Conrad Berganza

Ever wondered what ants do when no one is looking? Well, Polk State College Digital Media student Conrad Berganza gives us an animation about what ants really do.Take a look.

“Homework” – Juan Santana

Polk State College Digital Media student Juan Santana made a short ad about that teaches a valuable lesson about homework. Take a look.

“Life Lessons” Randy Penird

Polk State College Digital Media student Randy Penird puts together a video of his classmates, asking them the question “What was your biggest life lesson?”

Life Lessons – Sunny Balliette

Polk State College Digital Media student Sunny Balliette creates a not-so-traditional version of the Introduction to Video class project.

“Loreley” – Meagan Goodrich

Ant Life – Conrad Berganza
Conrad has always shown an interest in ants, bugs and creepy crawlies. In this video, he envisions the life of an ant. Check it out!

Polk State College Digital Media Student Meagan Goodrich creates a beautiful hand drawn animation about a siren of the sea, Loreley.

“Dead Man’s Bones” – Annalisa Harris

Polk State College Digital Media student Annalisa Harris creates an eerie animation to the song “Dead Mans Bones” by Ryan Gosling’s band Dead man’s Bones.


Fantasy of Flight Ropes Course

Employees for Polk State Corporate College visited Fantasy of Flight during a team-building exercise and took on the Ropes Course challenge. Students from the Digital Media Technology department of Polk State College took pictures and captured footage of the event. Two weeks later, they set the whole thing to music. Conrad Berganza edited the final product. He along with Ashley Bramwell and Robin Jenkins also served as videographers. Here are the results. Enjoy!

Chuck Wood Mini-Doc From Vernon Aguirre

This mini-documentary is a class project headed by Vernon Aguirre for DIG2284C Advanced Digital Video and Sound taught by Joseph O’Brien. Vernon interviewed Chuck Wood, a paraplegic rugby player, about his life and optimism. Annalisa Harris served as the cinematographer. They used equipment provided by the Digital Media Department of Polk State College along with a Canon 5D Mark II that Vernon owns.

Be sure to check out this video below. It is only a few minutes long, but well worth your attention.

Tiger World Gym – James Berto

James’ dad owns a gym. For a class project, he worked with class mates and came up with the following 30 second ad to market it. He learned his video editing skills in an introductory class (DIG2030C Digital Video and Sound) taught by Gregory Johnson at Polk State College. Check it out.

Heroes of the Asylum

Justin Rheiner creates a music video for his buddies using skills learned at Polk State College in DIG2030C Digital Video and Sound. The video was created with Adobe Premiere Pro CS6. Footage was captured on a Nikon D80 and submitted as a final project during the fall semester 2012. The class was taught by Gregory Johnson.

White Christmas – Annalisa Harris and Friends

For a class project in DIG2030C, Annalisa and classmates perform “White Christmas” classic during the Christmas holidays of 2012. Check it out.

Interview with Kickboxer, Revelina Berto

For a class project at Polk State College, James Berto interviews his sister, Revelina Berto–a trained, award-winning kick boxer. The video showcases her skills and motivation for the sport.

James took a digital video and sound class (DIG2030C) taught by Gregory Johnson so he could learn to capture and edit video during the fall semester 2012. This video was his final project.

Drink Red

Brandon Hosegood, Mo McCourt, Dario Perez, and Katherine Lehman collaborate on this project about responsible drinking. Funny stuff. The project was done in DIG2030C Digital Video and Sound taught by Dr. Gregory Johnson at Polk State College Digital Media Technology department.

No College

Conrad Berganza, Ashley Bramwell, and Tracy Sloan collaborate to create a short ad about college. They undertook this project as part of the final requirements in DIG2030C Digital Video and Sound at Polk State College. The class was taught by Dr. Gregory Johnson.

 Emmy’s Revenge

Students in DIG2284C Advanced Digital Video and Sound worked with Professor David Deborde to produce the following movie scene from Emmy’s Revenge. Two Canon T3i’s, a Tascam DR40 and some Wescott lighting was used to capture footage, sound, and provide lighting respectively. Carleigh Wallpe, Janeli Delgado did most of the editing and both received assistance from friends and classmates.

Prior to shooting, they did script breakdown, created a budget and shooting schedule, and held rehearsals and an audition for the main actor and actress in LTB 1308, our new studio. They used equipment provided by the college for the entire production.

The finished product is still in progress, but looks very good so far. Take a look!

Camera Ad – Justin Rheiner

Justin Rheiner purchased a Nikon D80 and collaborated with Marissa Rehn to create this ad showing its cool features in an introductory video editing class (DIG2030C Digital Video and Sound) taught by Gregory Johnson at Polk State College.

Air and Ocean – Say the Same  (Video: Travis Watson)

Travis Watson was interesting in making better videos. He took a class, DIG2030C Digital Video and Sound, taught by Dr. Gregory Johnson at Polk State College in Lakeland, FL and learned to use Adobe Premiere.

One his buddies was interested in doing a music video, so Travis took on the challenge using his newly gained skills. He submitted this video (Say the Same) for his final project.


Carlos Lugo took an introductory class to digital video and decided to make an ad on behalf of Alzheimer’s patients. He used his family members to play various roles and came up with this ad. Take a look!

Making Shoes with Ryan Adams

Ryan Adams shows you how to make colorful shoes using inexpensive materials available at Walmart or similar store. Ryan submitted this video as a final project for an introductory course in digital video editing (DIG2030C Digital Video and Sound) at Polk State College, FL taught by Gregory Johnson.