Prerequisites are conditions or requirements you need to meet before taking a class. Most advanced classes will require a prerequisite. For instance, if you wish to enroll in COP 2801, you need to take and pass CGS 2820C first. Please see your adviser if you have additional questions. You may also contact the instructor for the course or the program coordinator if you need additional assistance.

Core Requirements

Course Description Prerequisite
ART 1201C Design I None
DIG 2000 Introduction to Digital Media None
DIG 2030 Digital Video and Sound DIG2000C
DIG 2109C Digital Imaging Fundamentals None
DIG 2500C Fundamentals of Interactive Design CGS 2820C; DIG 2000C; GRA 2120C or concurrently
DIG 2940C Media Practicum and Portfolio 45 credit hours or permission from instructor/coordinator
CGS 2820 Web Development Fundamentals None
GRA 21210C Page Design and Layout DIG 2000C or DIG 2109C or concurrently
PGY 2801C Digital Photography I None

Web Specialization

Course Description Prerequisite
CTS 1441 Database Fundamentals DIG 2000C or CGS 1061 or CGS 1100
COP 2801 JavaScript Fundamentals CGS 2820C
CGS 2822 Intermediate Web Development COP 2801C or concurrently
CGS 2829C Advanced Web Development CGS 2822C and GRA 2751C or concurrently
COP 2842 Database Driven Websites Using PHP and MySQL CTS 1441
GRA 2751C Visual Design for Web CGS 2822C and COP 2801C or concurrently

Video Specialization

Course Description Prerequisite
DIG 2261C Digital Audio Production DIG 2000C and DIG 2030C or concurrently
DIG 2284C Advanced Digital Video and Sound DIG 2030C, DIG 2430C or concurrently
DIG 2292C Digital Post Production DIG 2261C or DIG 2030C or concurrent
DIG 2330C Lighting for Cinematography DIG 2030C or concurrently
DIG 2341C Motion Graphics for Digital Media DIG 2292C or concurrently
DIG 2430C Digital Storytelling DIG 2030C or concurrently

Graphic Design Specialization

Course Description Prerequisite
GRA 2121C Digital Publishing DIG 2500C, GRA 2120C or concurrently
GRA 2150C Image Editing with Photoshop DIG 2000C or DIG 2109C
GRA 2156C Digital Illustration DIG 2109C or concurrently
GRA 2207 Advanced Image Editing GRA 2150C or GRA 2156C
PGY 2802C Digital Photography II PGY 2801C