Digital Media Technology

Student editing video in lab

Student editing video in lab


The Digital Media Technology Program at Polk State College provides students with a strong foundation in digital media that empowers them to adapt and respond to changing trends in web technologies, graphic design, and audiovisual communication. This program allows students to engage in practical, hands-on projects using the latest technologies, software, and equipment to produce cutting-edge projects that communicate effectively and persuasively.


Students in the program learn digital media skills and techniques necessary for success. The courses offered represent a comprehensive curriculum that explores artistry, creativity, theories of good design, universal principles, balance, symmetry, lighting, composition, and visual and aesthetic appeal. Students learn communication formats, effective messaging, audiovisual communication, storytelling, interactivity, usability, interface design, marketing concerns, and business principles. Targeted projects and extensive training allows students to increase expertise and improve technical skills for video production and graphic design. The course curriculum trains participants to work effectively within a team, cope under pressure, communicate well, improve soft skills, and use creative problem-solving to exceed the needs of clients or any organization that hires them.

Program Options

The program offers a 24-credit-hour core (six courses) and two specializations in Graphic Design and Video Production. Each specialization offers 18-credit hours (six courses) of targeted instruction designed to produce highly-skilled graduates equipped with the necessary expertise to employ multimedia technologies to create desired products and experiences. Additionally, students enroll in 18 credit hours of general education courses including Mathematics, English Composition, Humanities, Social Science, Natural Science and Health.

Working adults or professionals with existing degrees who wish to gain additional expertise in one or two semesters should explore the certificate options in Digital Media.

Students who score below the required levels on state-mandated placement tests in writing, reading, and mathematics must enroll in and complete the appropriate college preparatory courses before they enroll in some required program courses.

Employment Options

Employment options for graduates of the AS program include:

  • Multimedia artists / content creators
  • Graphic designers, animators, web designer, photographers
  • Audio/visual production managers
  • Journalism, TV production, mass communication
  • Filmmakers, video producers, &  documentarians
  • Advertising, print, marketing content, and publishing opportunities


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