Best of Digital Media

The students and staff of Digital Media do amazing work. We try to upload them to various areas of our website, but over time, specific projects get lost in the shuffle.
Consequently, on this page, we will list some of our best work.

Mr. Interview

A student goes for an interview that goes horribly wrong. This project was completed as part of the requirements for Dr. Johnson’s Media Practicum course (DIG2940C). Students involved include Aaron Venrick-Ross, Dirk Sholar, Michael King, Santiago Torrealba, Peter Bernard and Camry Brewer.

Hallow Dream

A student dozes off in class and has the weirdest dream. Directed by Juan Santana.


Bryan Arnette provides a powerful, personal story of an unexpected encounter in the military told in the form of an audio story.


Joshua Rushing reimagines the terror a child endures when faced with spousal abuse of his mother. Powerful stuff!

Ball Game

Joseph Tucker repurposes a conflict between a student and a professor to create a baseball game with comedic results. This video is meant to be an audio only project (with text) to help students learn the art of capturing and editing audio. It was produced as a course requirement for Dr. Johnson’s DIG 2000C course.


Christina Lancranjan edits an audio story that explores one person’s relationship with Prozac.


Students explore the causes of their stress and possible solutions. This project was completed as part of the requirements for DIG 2940C.


Students complete an ad for a client. Directed by Lewis Jones.


Juan Santana creates an animated short. Good stuff.


Aaron Venrick-Ross makes the deal of his life.

Going Nuts!

Camry Brewer directs a short film about a peanut!

Lost Boys

Sarah Grice explores the emotions of children when they observe parents fighting.


Students explore feelings of insecurity about their looks. Other students offer another perspective.

Rules of the Classroom

Students find interesting ways to handle a disruptive student.

Retention Pond

In this audio story, Deanna Legendre learns a valuable lesson.

Edited Image by Connor Nolen

A lit match against complete darkness.

Match head – By Connor Nolen

Edited Image by Lewis Jones

Image of young girl with various Polk State College-related text overlaying her.

Edited Image by Lewis Jones

Edited Image by Daijah Johnson

Digital painting of a festive and colorful skull mask

Edited Image By Daijah Johnson

Edited Image by Bryce Phenicie

Tennis shoe on grass and dirt. The text in dirt says "PLAY DIRTY". The Nike check logo is visible in bottom right corner.

Edited Image by Bryce Phenicie


In this audio story, Cassie Conway learns difficult news about her family.

Faculty and Staff Do the Happy Song

Watch Polk State’s faculty, students and staff do the “Happy” song.


Drake and Dirk Sholar make a short film about a misconfigured zombie.

Social Anxiety

Mandy Harlan introduces the concept of social anxiety and explores ways to handle it.


Jessica Jordan-Muniz creates an animated tribute to her mother. Beautiful!


The staff of Studio 1308 explains the mysteries behind Labor Day.


In this audio story, a Tim Serdynski learns a good lesson about sharing favorite songs.


Mykel Blackwood reflects on Tamir Rice’s encounter with police.