Professor Saves Family From House Fire

Posted on by Polk Newsroom

What would you do if you woke up in the middle of the night and saw your neighbor’s house engulfed in flames? Would you risk your life to save the inhabitants? Well Mark Mershon, an…

Interview with Lamar Sessoms

Posted on by Gregory Johnson

Lamar Sessoms is a US Veteran and a very interesting student at Polk State College. He currently takes classes in Digital Media Technology and always has something interesting to say. We interviewed him during the…

Drink Red (Brandon, Mo, Dario, Katherine)

Posted on by Gregory Johnson

Brandon Hosegood, Mo McCourt, Dario Perez, and Katherine Lehman collaborate on this project about responsible drinking. Funny stuff. The project was done in DIG2030C Digital Video and Sound taught by Dr. Gregory Johnson at Polk…

No College (Conrad, Ashley, Tracy)

Posted on by Gregory Johnson

Conrad Berganza, Ashley Bramwell, and Tracy Sloan collaborate to create a short ad about college. They undertook this project as part of the final requirements in DIG2030C Digital Video and Sound at Polk State College.…

Alzheimer’s – Carlos Lugo

Posted on by Gregory Johnson

Carlos Lugo took an introductory class to digital video and decided to make an ad on behalf of Alzheimer’s patients. He used his family members to play various roles and came up with this ad.…

Tiger World Gym – James Berto

Posted on by Gregory Johnson

James’ dad owns a gym. For a class project, James worked with his class mates and came up with the following 30-ad to advertise it. Check it out. He learned his video editing skills in…

Nikon D80 Ad (Justin and Marissa)

Posted on by Gregory Johnson

Justin Rheiner purchased a Nikon D80 and collaborated with Marissa Rehn to create this ad showing its cool features in an introductory video editing class (DIG2030C Digital Video and Sound) taught by Gregory Johnson at…

White Christmas – Annalisa Harris and Friends

Posted on by Gregory Johnson

For a class project in DIG2030C, Annalisa and classmates perform “White Christmas” classic during the Christmas holidays of 2012. Footage was captured using Canon T3is and a Nikon D80. Check it out.

Making Shoes with Ryan Adams

Posted on by Gregory Johnson

Ryan Adams shows you how to make colorful shoes using inexpensive materials available at Walmart or similar store. Ryan submitted this video as a final project for an introductory course in digital video editing (DIG2030C…

Heroes of the Asylum (Justin Rheiner)

Posted on by Gregory Johnson

Justin Rheiner creates a music video for his buddies using skills learned at Polk State College in DIG2030C Digital Video and Sound. The video was created with Adobe Premiere Pro CS6. Footage was captured on…

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