Advanced Manufacturing

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Polk State College’s Advanced Manufacturing Institute (AMI) provides manufacturers with access to state-of-the-art technology, affordable workforce development, and innovative training solutions for hurdles met in today’s market-driven economy.  Polk State AMI is home to the award-winning Mosaic EIA (Electrical, Instrumentation, and Automation) and Mechanic/Millwright Apprenticeship Programs, facilitating the success of over 275 graduates since 2007. AMI strives to help the manufacturer in closing their skill-set gap by further developing employee’s abilities, utilizing cost and time-efficient instructional methods in classes such as:

  1. + Electrical Maintenance Courses

    The school offers a variety of Electrical courses tailored for incumbent workers and the growth of their technical maintenance and troubleshooting skills.

  2. + Mechanical Maintenance Courses

    The school offers a variety of Mechanical courses tailored for incumbent workers and the growth of their technical maintenance and troubleshooting skills.

  3. + Industrial Maintenance Technician Program

    The Polk State Industrial Maintenance Technician (IMT) Program is entry-level training for someone who wants to enter the Maintenance Technician field. An Industrial Maintenance Technician performs basic maintenance and repairs on machines. They check the performance of machinery, clean and lubricate it, perform basic diagnostics, and test damaged machine parts to determine whether major repairs are necessary. This program will provide students with an understanding of the mechanical, electrical, and automation systems and troubleshooting of these components. Through the program, students will take the Packaging Machinery Manufacturers Institute (PMMI) certification test on Mechanical Level 1 and Industrial Electricity Level 1.

    Mechanical Topics:

    Mechanical Basics
    Belt Drives
    Chain Drives
    Gear Drives

    Electrical Topics:

    Electrical Theory
    Series and Parallel Circuits
    Electrical Wiring Construction
    AC and Transformers
    AC and DC Motors
    Manual Motor Control and Protection
    Control Relays and Pilot Devices
    Electrical Control Ladder Logic
    Introduction to Control Component Troubleshooting

  4. + Industry Certification Programs

    Manufacturing Skill Standards Council (MSSC) – Certified Production Technician (CPT)
    Mechatronics – Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) 1 (PMMI Certification)
    Mechatronics – Industrial Electricity & Troubleshooting 1 (PMMI Certification)
    Mechatronics – Mechanical Components & Troubleshooting 1 (PMMI Certification)
    Mechatronics – Fluid Power 1 (PMMI Certification)
    Certified Maintenance & Reliability Technician (CMRT)

  5. + Customized Courses / Programs

    In addition to the courses AMI has available for open enrollment, the institute also offers programs that incorporate multiple industry competencies to assist companies in their cross-training efforts.

    Companies that have specific needs can choose from our list of Electrical and Mechanical maintenance courses to design a customized training package that accurately addresses the needs of the company.

  6. + ISO Certification Training

    Contact: Sam Hale
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    ISO Training (International Organization for Standardization)

    ISO Certification is an internationally recognized standard for Quality Management Systems (QMS). This certification ensures stakeholders that a company is consistent in its processes and personnel engagement, as well as in its delivery of effective products and services. ISO Certification demonstrates a company’s dedication to continuous improvement and provides customers with renewed confidence in their investments.

    The Corporate College offers several different avenues of assistance when seeking the various levels of ISO 9000 Certification.

    Advantages of ISO Certification:
      1. The ISO quality management standards help an organization work more efficiently; this reduces product failures and other costly issues.
      2. ISO environmental management standards reduce an organization’s environmental impact and waste, allowing it to be more sustainable.
      3. Health and safety standards decrease accidents in the workplace.
      4. Energy management standards help to cut energy consumption.
      5. Food and safety standards assist with prevention of food contamination.
      6. Information technology security standards help to keep an organization’s sensitive information secure.

    Benefits of ISO Management Systems

      • Improvement of the company’s credibility and image.
      • Improvement in customer satisfaction.
      • Process integration is more effective and efficient.
      • Evidence for company decision-making is more reliable.
      • Creation of a continuous improvement culture.
      • Employee engagement is increased.

    The Polk State Corporate College has partnered with ISO Par Consulting to offer training to companies that wish to pursue this globally recognized certification. The following training options are offered:

    ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System Development

      • ISO–100
      • $1850.00; requires 16 hours (two days)

    AS9100 Rev. D (Aviation, Space, and Defense) Management System Development

      • ISO–101
      • $1850.00; requires 16 hours (two days)

    ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System Development

      • ISO–102
      • $1850.00; requires 16 hours (two days)

    ISO 45001:2018 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems

      • ISO–103
      • $1850.00; requires 16 hours (two days)

    ISO 22001:2018 Food Safety Management Systems

      • ISO–104
      • $1850.00; requires 16 hours (two days)

    Internal Auditor Training AS9100 Rev. D

      • ISO–105
      • $2755.00; requires 24 hours (three days)

    Internal Auditor Training ISO 14001

      • ISO–106
      • $1850.00; requires 16 hours (two days)

    Internal Auditor Training ISO 45001

      • ISO–107
      • $1850.00; requires 16 hours (two days)

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