Real Estate

Coordinator: Dana Michael

The Real Estate Institute provides participants with an understanding of real estate principles, practices, and law. Participants taking these courses are primarily seeking to explore possible careers in the real estate field.

We have partnered with online trainer REcampus and Ed2go to offer you four courses in Real Estate. The Florida’s Real Estate Broker’s Guide, Florida Real Estate Principles, Practices & Law, Real Estate Law, and Real Estate Investing.

Real Estate Sales Associate

  • Pre-License
    Florida Real Estate Principles, Practices & Law v42.0
    Online | 63 Hrs | $395

Real Estate Broker’s Guide

  • Pre-License
    Florida Real Estate Broker’s Guide v6.0
    Online | 72 Hrs | $395


  • Real Estate Law
    Online | 24 Hrs | $100

  • Real Estate Investing
    Online | 24 Hrs | $100