Getting Started

If a student is even just thinking about taking this or any Study Abroad trip the first step is to get a passport since it takes time for those to be processed.

Students interested in an International Internship can consult with the Internship Coordinator, any Global Initiatives Faculty/Staff, their AS/BAS Program Director, and/or AA major Department Coordinator for more information regarding the life-long benefits of a Study Abroad or International Internship trip.

To earn course credit for the experience, students must get approval from their AS/BAS Program Director and must either register in the AS Practicum course or for SLS 2941 (Internship Course) prior to the start of the internship.

Students may also want to consult with their respective family members to gain their support prior to confirming travel plans since an international internship can involve 2+ weeks away from home.

Students are also encouraged to review the information and resources posted on this site, and once decided, students may register for this trip through Higher Reach.

Students enrolled in the required number of credits may earn Financial Aid for this trip.  Consult a Financial Aid advisor for details.

Contact the Matina Wagner, Internship Coordinator at for more information.