Global Studies Courses


AMH1010: History of the U.S.: 1607 – 1877 – Dawn Dyer
AMH1020: History of the U.S.: 1877 – to the Present – Dawn Dyer
AMH2930: Special Topics in History – Dawn Dyer
ANT1000: General Anthropology – Logan Randolph
ARH2000: Art Appreciation – Holly Scoggins
BSC1033: Biological Issues – Logan Randolph
BSC1033: Biological Issues – Tammy Cronan
CHM1020: Chemistry for Liberal Studies – Koushik Banerjee
ECO2013: Principles of Macroeconomics – Kenrick Pierre
ENC1101: College Composition 1 – Heather Childree
ENC1101: College Composition 1 – Lee Childree
ENC1101: College Composition 1 – Carylanne Joubert-Maier
ESC1000: Survey of Earth Science – Kathleen Moran
ESC1000: Survey of Earth Science – Matthew Sheridan
ESC1000: Survey of Earth Science – Chin-Shin Shieh
FRE1130: First-Year French I – All Professors
FRE1131: First-Year French II – All Professors
FRE2230: Second-Year French I – All Professors
FRE2231: Second-Year French II – All Professors
FRE2930: Special Topics in French Language and Culture – All Professors
GEB3356: International Business – Verna Omanwa
GEB4891: Strategic Planning and Management – Herb Nold
GLY2010C: Physical Geology – Kathleen Moran
HSC3624: Foundations of Global Health – Robert Miner
HUM2020: Introduction to Humanities – John Barberet
HUM2020 – Professor Dawn Dyer
HUM2020: Introduction to Humanities – Mary Ann Murdoch
HUM2020: Introduction to Humanities – Ben Pila
HUM2310: World Mythology – Kathy Nicklaus
LIT1000 – Professor Heather Childree
LIT1000: Introduction to Literature – Jason Martin
LIT1000: Introduction to Literature – Sally Fitzgerald
MAN3240: Organizational Behavior – Tristan Davison
MGF1107: Topics in Mathematics – Lorne Fairborn
MGF1107: Topics in Mathematics – Scott Perkins
OCE2001C: Oceanography – Kathleen Moran
OCE2001C: Oceanography – Chin-Shin Shieh
SPN1130: First-Year Spanish I – All Professors
SPN1131: First-Year Spanish II – All Professors
SPN2230: Second-Year Spanish I – All Professors
SPN2231: Second-Year Spanish II – All Professors
SPN2930: Special Topics in Spanish – All Professors
SYG2000: Introduction to Sociology – Lilli Downes
WOH1012: World Civilization to 1500 – Dawn Dyer
WOH1022: World Civilization from 1500 to the Present – Dawn Dyer