As outlined below in more detail, students must complete courses that have been designated as Global Studies courses, attend presentations/cultural events, complete a synthesis project, and develop a global resume/portfolio.

Program Framework and Requirements

The following is a checklist and brief description of the four categories of the Global Studies Program.

1.        Global Coursework (15 credits)
Each student must complete 15 credits of designated Global Studies courses. Professors must apply to have their courses qualify for the program, so course offerings may change from semester to semester. The current list of courses for each academic year is posted on the Global Studies Courses website. Students may also contact the Global Studies Program Director for information about course offerings at

*Please note that only five (5) credits from intermediate language courses can be used to fulfill this requirement.

2.        Presentations and Cultural Events 
The Global Studies program sponsors or endorses a series of local presentations and other events. These events include, but are not limited to, academic talks, museum exhibits, webinars, and campus-based Polk State events. Each student is required to attend three of these events and write a 500-750-word paper about each event. This paper must explain how the event raised his or her global awareness, level of intercultural engagement, or multidisciplinary understanding of global issues. These papers are submitted to the Global Studies Program Committee for approval.

1.)     Event and date:

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3.        Synthesis Project
Each student in the program works with a selected faculty member to create a project that successfully synthesizes the student’s experiences in the program. This project may include travel experiences abroad, participation in local events endorsed by the Global Studies Program, participation in global academic programs at other institutions, and other approved experiences. A prospectus and the final draft of this project must be submitted to the Global Studies Program Committee for approval.

4.       Global Resume/Portfolio
Each student creates a resume or portfolio that records and highlights program experiences. This is submitted to the Career Services Office and the Global Studies Program Committee for approval during the student’s final semester in the program.

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For more information contact: Logan Randolph, Global Studies Program Coordinator,, 863.292.3611.