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Polk State College Global Studies Program Course Certification Requirements

The Polk State College Global Studies Program is designed to provide multicultural and transnational educational opportunities and experiences for Polk State students living and working in an increasingly globally connected society.

The Global Studies Program develops students’ subject area knowledge about global issues in diverse academic fields. The courses, study abroad opportunities, lecture series, and other components of the Global Studies Program increase Polk State students’ awareness and understanding of the personal and professional experiences of individuals across the globe.

Course Development

Students in the Global Studies Program are required to take 15 credits of certified Global Studies courses that support the program outcomes listed in Appendix A. A faculty member interested in having a course certified for the Global Studies Program must demonstrate that it incorporates at least 2 of the following outcomes.

Upon completion of the course, students will be able to:

a)      Explain relevant global/transnational concepts relating to the discipline.

b)      Accurately contextualize diverse global political and economic phenomena.

c)      Demonstrate multicultural literacy.

d)      Offer divergent perspectives on global issues.

The faculty member is encouraged to incorporate a variety of readings, discussions, written assignments, and other academic activities into the courses to ensure that students critically assess the global issues presented.

To have a course admitted into the Global Studies Program, the faculty member will need to complete the Faculty Course Submission Form.  To access the course submission form, please enter your Canvas credentials when prompted.  When completing the form, the committee asks that instructors consider the following questions:

  •    What are students expected to learn from the global/transnational elements of the course?
  •    What comparison and contrast assignments, problem-based learning, and critical-thinking activities does the course incorporate?
  •    Does the course utilize any outside college or community resources (e.g. speakers, events, audio-visuals, internships, community service, and/or local events/exhibits)?
  •    In what ways has the course been designed to be “student-centered?
  •    What elements of the course make students aware of the conditions faced by women, minorities, and other historically subordinate groups in the global/transnational context?
  •    How is the impact of the global elements/essence of the course assessed?

Required Course Threshold: The Global Studies Program encourages faculty to, in essence, create courses that are global and transnational in nature. The faculty member is required to demonstrate that at least 20% of the certified Global Studies course is demonstrably global/transnational. Completed Submission Forms are submitted to the Global Studies Program Committee for approval.