Clubs and Organizations

If you see a club you are interested in or want to start your own, stop by SALO on the Lakeland or Winter Haven campus and the JDA Center to find out how to charter your own club with fellow students! Contact Student Government at:

  1. + American Sign Language Honor Society - WH & LK

    The National ASLHS organization encourages and recognizes high academic achievement in ASL studies for college and university students. The mission of the Polk State College American Sign Language Honor Society is to spread awareness about Deaf Culture, promote the use of ASL, sponsor service-learning events, and support activities that benefit  Deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals here in Polk County.

    Contact:  Diana Cobble.

  2. + Art Club - WH

    Promotes, prepares, and educates students pursuing a career in all mediums of visual arts. For more information, please contact advisors Holly Scoggins at 863.297. 1061 or or David Woods at 863.292.3641 or or Andrew Coombs at 863.297.1010 X5150 or

  3. + Black Student Union - WH

    Provides members cultural awareness and pride within the African American society by organizing enjoyable, educational, and cultural events at Polk State College.

    For more information, please contact advisor:
    Dionne Formey, Phone: 863.292.3759
    Internal Extension: 5206

  4. + Book Club (WH)

    Book Club (WH)

    Polk State Book Club aims to bring students together to celebrate a shared love of literature. We strive to broaden their horizons by introducing them to new genres and authors they may not have explored before.

    Brittany Mullis
    Ext: 5319

  5. + Brother 2 Brother (Students for African American Brotherhood) - WH

    Promotes recognition for and involvement of African American students with the intention of creating a strong voice on campus and making an impact on decisions regarding students of the college community. For more information, please contact advisor Otis Wilson (JDA).

  6. + Cardiovascular Club - Airside West

    For more information, please contact advisor Kevin Ferrier at 863.669.2947 or

  7. + Chi Alpha (Christian Club) - WH

    The mission of Chi Alpha is to reconcile students to Jesus Christ, thereby transforming the College, the marketplace, and the world. Chi Alpha’s mission motto is “Every student goes, every student gives, every student prays, and every student welcomes.” To this end, the organization is committed to a five-fold philosophy: being a community of worship, prayer, fellowship, discipleship, and mission. For more information, please contact advisor Luis Fernandez at 863.292.3678 or

  8. + Comics, Animation and Cinema Club - LK

    To share with the Polk State community and beyond various social and artistic concerns raised in the comic and cinema medium. For more information, please contact advisor Derek Menchan at 863.669.2928 or

  9. + Cyber Club

    The Polk State College Cyber Club is a dynamic student organization focused on the ever-evolving field of cybersecurity. It offers members the opportunity to engage in activities related to cybersecurity operations, analysis, computer forensics, system security, and ethical hacking. The club aims to provide a platform for students to develop their technical skills, network with professionals, and prepare for careers in cybersecurity. Through participation, students can expect to gain hands-on experience and insights into the latest trends and challenges in the cybersecurity landscape.  For more information contact, Johnny Stewart 863-669-2802, or Freddie Acevedo, 863-669-4918

  10. + Flight Team

    The Flight Team was created to compete in the National Intercollegiate Flying Association’s Safety and Flight Evaluation Conference. (NIFA SAFECON)

    There are two main events during the year. The Regional competition is in November and the National Competition is in May.

    All students with an interest in aviation are invited to join. They don’t need to be a pilot since half the events are academic events related to aviation.

    For more information check out our webpage  or contact:
    Maria Jodoin
    863.298.6858 ext. 4092

  11. + Florida Future Educators of America - LK and WH

    Inspires competent young people to consider teaching as a career. Provides members with the knowledge and experiences that develop dispositions and aptitudes essential to successful teaching. For more information, contact Maria Jodoin, 863.298.6858 ext. 4092,

  12. + Florida Nursing Students Association (FNSA)

    Provides nursing students with the necessary support and guidance to prepare for professional nursing responsibilities. FNSA promotes leadership, education, and allows members to gain critical skills and experience to enhance their future nursing profession. FNSA encourages participation in community outreach activities to promote improved health care and the resolution of related social issues. Members can inspire others by participating in volunteer activities such as public awareness campaigns, health fairs, education seminars, and blood drives, as well as interdisciplinary activities at Polk State College. Members who join FNSA become members of the National Student Nurses Association (NSNA) as well.   FNSA is a constituent of the NSNA and promotes collaborative relationships with professional nursing organizations on the state and national levels. FNSA serves as a channel of communication between nursing students and various state and district units of professional nurses’ associations. Membership is open to any student who is currently enrolled or is planning to enroll in the nursing program.

    Students can go to: to self-enroll in the FSNA Course. You must be currently in the nursing program to be a member.

    For more information or to join, please visit or contact one of the current officers or faculty advisors:
    Amy Eaton –
    Michelle Bissessar –

  13. + Free to Be Me -LGBTQ+

    Serves LGBTQ+ and allied students in supporting leadership programs, and more inclusive and welcoming services.  Free to Be Me exists to develop, support, and give a voice to students and build future LGBTQ+ allies and student leaders. We are also a social club for all students regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity.  We celebrate Pride Month in June and LGBTQ History Month in October with programs about LGBTQ+ History, current issues, and history makers.  For more information, contact Anthony Bates at

  14. + Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA)

    FBLA inspires and prepares students to become community-minded business leaders in a global society through relevant career preparation and leadership experiences.  As a member, you will develop competent, aggressive business leadership, and stronger self-confidence and participate in research.  We explore enhanced interest in American business enterprise and community engagement.  For more information contact, Salma Nawlo at

  15. + Golden Key International Honor Society - LK

    To enable students to reach their potential through advancement of academics, leadership, and service. The key is to achieve the student’s personal, professional, and altruistic goals. For more information, please contact advisor Kendrick Pierre,, ext. 5399.

  16. + Honors Program Student Council

    Provides highly motivated, talented students who wish to be challenged by an intellectually stimulating academic program and engages students through academic field trips. For more information, please contact: TBD

    (More Info)

  17. + International Circle - LK

    For students interested in awareness and understanding of the personal and professional experiences of individuals across the globe. For more information, please contact advisor Thelma Chicas at or 863.297.1010 ext. 6358

    (More Info)

  18. + International Circle - WH

    Provides opportunities for students interested in awareness and understanding of the personal and professional experiences of individuals across the globe. For more information, please contact advisors Bryan Rivers at 863.297.1010 ext 5814 or or Cary Gardell at 863.297.1010 X5156 or

    (More Info)


  19. + Intervarsity Council - LK

    A community of students who are compelled to serve, to grow, and to renew the campus through the love of Christianity. For more information, please contact advisor Simmi Johnson at

  20. + Intramural Sports - WH

    Offers individual, dual, and team sports for male and female participants. Intramural activities range from traditional sports such as flag football, soccer, and basketball and non-traditional sports like ultimate Frisbee and dodgeball. For more information, please contact Blessen Jacob

  21. + Math Club - WH

    Provides activities that encourage students to explore, enjoy, and appreciate mathematics. For more information, please contact advisor Li Zhou at 863.292.3643 or

  22. + Occupational Therapy Assistant Club - WH

    The Occupational Therapy Assistant (OTA) Club works under the supervision of an occupational therapist. The OTA teaches individuals with emotional, developmental, and/or physical disabilities new methods or techniques to perform daily activities, and adapts the environment, and/or tasks to maximize independent functioning. “Occupation” (purposeful activity) is used as a means of preventing, reducing, and/or overcoming physical, social, and emotional disabilities in people of all ages.  This club is limited to students who are currently admitted into the OTA program.  For more information on the OTA program at Polk State, please refer to the program webpage

    For more club information, please contact advisor Annette Bullard at 863.297.1010 or email

  23. + Peer Mentor Club (PMC)- LK and WH

    Peer Mentor Club is to provide support and enrichment to mentors associated with the First-Year Experience (FYE) Peer Mentor Program. The PMC allows discussion of issues related to mentoring on campus while providing a social, informal, and inspirational framework to all mentors and their mentees. Utilizing social gatherings, service projects, and a monthly forum, the PMC hopes to improve the quality of life and support provided to mentors so they can better serve the community.

    Cate Igo

    Phone: 863.298.6856

  24. + Polk State Student SHRM Club

    The Polk State College chapter of the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) Chapter will support students’ professional development, and connect them directly with employers/organizations in the community and industry.  In addition, the chapter’s activities will provide experiential learning opportunities for students who are interested in developing their competencies and skills.


    For more information or to get access to club information and the Canvas resource information, email one of the club advisors: Matina Wagner at or Jose Perez at

  25. + PTA (Physical Therapist Assistant) - WH

     Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA) Club is the official organization of the Polk State College Physical Therapist Assistant Program. The objectives of this organization are:

    1. To promote interest in physical therapy on campus and in the community among members and nonmembers.
    2. To maintain communication with other physical therapy students in the state and across the nation.
    3. To provide a forum for discussion between students and faculty members of the educational goals, policies, and problems within the program as they relate to student education and affairs.
    4. To engage in campus and community activities to further the dissemination of knowledge of the practice of physical therapy.

    The PTA Club welcomes students that are interested in the PTA career. The members are composed of:

    1. Active: Students who are presently enrolled in the professional level of the physical therapist assistant program.
    2. Affiliate: Students enrolled in the pre-physical therapy curriculum and students with an active interest in physical therapy as a profession.
    3. Honorary: Physical therapy faculty and those persons designated by a majority vote of the active and affiliate membership.
    4. Alumni: Students who have graduated from Polk State College’s PTA Program.

    For more information, please contact advisor Regina Tino at 863.669.2906 or

  26. + Radiography Club - Airside

    For more information, please contact advisor Jamie Selph.

  27. + Respiratory Care Club

    To promote collocation between the respiratory care students by assisting the faculty in developing and implementing marketing strategies for the program and promoting campus and community awareness about respiratory care.
    Jordan Emro

  28. + SGA (Student Government Association) - LK, WH, Centers

    Student Government is the governing organization and representative of the student body, and its actions supersede those of all other student organizations and provides students with an active voice in the administrative and legislative matters concerning the student body.  For more information contact us at

  29. + SISTERS (Strong, Independent, Sisters, that Encourage, Respect and Survive)

    SISTERS (Strong, Independent, Sisters, that Encourage, Respect, and Survive) build unity and trust between young ladies for the purpose of influencing an academic, professional, and social foundation that will establish long-lasting relationships and future opportunities.  For more information, please contact advisor Yulonda Bell (WH) at, Charity Garcia, Shavonda Harris, Ivy Patrick, or contact 863.297.1010 ext. 5430.

  30. + Sonography Club - Airside

    For more information, please contact advisor Merrybeth Etherton  at 863.297.1010 X4068 or

  31. + Speech & Debate Team - LK

  32. + Stem Club

    The purpose of the STEM Club is to expose students to STEM Careers and to increase the number of underrepresented minorities pursuing degrees in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.  The club introduces students to undergraduate research opportunities and internships in their field of study.  STEM club meets on a weekly basis to attend workshops, seminars, and, peer mentoring sessions.

    For more information contact:
    Lakeland Campus Advisor
    Melvin Thompson

    Winter Haven Campus Advisor:
    Claudy Fenelon

  33. + Visual Arts Society of Polk State College - WH

    To promote, prepare, and educate students pursuing a career in all mediums of visual arts.   For more information, please contact advisor Andrew Combs at 863.292.1010 X5150 or

  34. + Unete Club-Hispanic Club

    The Unete Club aims to help connect Spanish-speaking students with other students on campus, to create an environment of support, cultural awareness, professional development, educational opportunities, leadership skills and social and political involvement. Through the collaboration of other student clubs and organizations, Unete! Will promote diversity, and reinforce our college’s mission to transform lives through the power of education and to celebrate diversity.
    For more information, please contact the below advisors:
    Jeannette Grullon: WH Campus

    Carol Martinson: Lakeland Campus

  35. + Weightlifting Club

    The Polk State College Weightlifting Club is a safe place for students to develop healthy habits that promote positive life balance. With kindness and encouragement, the club hopes to create an atmosphere that strengthens the body while building lasting relationships within the student body.  For more information, contact Rashod Webb,, 863.669.2924