Update 06/04/18:

  • Effective for application window Sept 1- Sept 30, 2018, the application window opens at 9 a.m. This is a change from the previous 12 a.m. application opening time. It is in your best interest to apply as soon as possible as the applicant pool is competitive for this limited access program.
  • We encourage you to contact an advisor and financial aid to get all questions answered as you move through the process of achieving enrollment at Polk State College.
  • CANVAS is our Learning Management System and is often used in our courses by the faculty and students to upload documents and review materials, it is in your best interest to locate a reliable computer, the college library has computers to access for your convenience as well.
  • It is preferred your pre-requisites are taken and successfully passed within the past five years of your application submission. For example, if you took BSC2085C in 2000 and you are applying Sept 1, 2018, you would need to retake that course prior to submitting your application.

Update 02/22/18:

  • Effective for cohort start January 2020, all applicants must have a 2.5 pre-requisite GPA which applies to those applying in September of 2019.
  • To update you on the curriculum credit increase from 70 to 74 (effective for the starting class of 2019) as mandated by the Department of Education, the program will include Medical Terminology as a course (3 credits) which may be taken online or in person at your choosing, but must be completed prior to graduation.

An additional credit for a capstone component will be added to OTH1520C, Pediatrics.

  • Although BSC2086C is not a formal pre-requisite, we strongly recommend this course be taken prior to beginning the program.
    Again, at this time this is a recommendation, not a requirement.)

If unable to take it before the program, it must be taken in Summer A of the year you begin the program prior to Fieldwork Level I.

Please alert the Program Director once you begin the program if you will be taking this course while in the program so we may work with your summer fieldwork schedule.

  • Once admitted to the program you will need to bring your physical and immunization requirements on your first day of class, this is not a pre-admission requirement.
  • Background check and drug test will be an admission requirement to be met by the first day of class in January of the year you are accepted, random drug screens may be also conducted throughout the program.


The Occupational Therapy Assistant curriculum framework has recently been reviewed by FL DOE. The mandated credit hours have increased from 70 to 74.  The OTA Program is in the process of revising the curriculum to comply with the 74 credit hour framework. The revised curriculum will take effect in Fall 2018. Curriculum changes will be posted on the webpage in January 2018.

  • Florida Department of Education:
    Effective January 2019,  to be compliant with the Florida Department of Education requirement to increase curriculum credits from 70 t0 74, HSC1531 Medical Terminology (3 credits) will be added to the Spring Term and the current Spring Pediatrics Course OTH1520C will increase from 3 to 4 credits.
  •  Prospective Applicants:
    For students who are interested in applying to the OTA Program at Polk State College, please view the website first and then contact the primary contact person- Program Director, Dr. Anjali Parti,  if clarification is required at aparti@polk.edu. Email is the preferred contact method for communication in the OTA program for questions. You are welcome to e-mail and request an appointment to tour the classrooms and meet with the Program Director.

Remember the application process is competitive for this limited access program, please ensure you have a completed application ready to be submitted September 1st midnight for optimal chances of admission. It is also recommended to make sure you remember your login information for your student account, contact academic advising and financial aid for any questions, and have access to a reliable computer at the time of application. Should you forget to upload a document at your initial application attempt, your application will be deemed complete at the time all documents are received.

  •  Observation Hours:
    The OTA Program does not provide a list of sites who will provide opportunities for observation hours, please make efforts to contact sites in and outside of your respective cities as needed.
  •  OTA Club:
    The OTA Club is a part of the Student Government Association at the Winter Haven Campus. Entry into this club is open to OTA students who are currently admitted to Polk State College’s OTA Program.

Attention prospective applicants:  Please be sure to check the website frequently for important updates to the OTA program requirements.

Welcome and thank you for visiting with us today! We hope this website provides you with answers to your questions about the OTA Program at Polk State College, Winter Haven Campus, Florida.


For every occupational therapy assistant graduate to be able to fulfill life goals and improve their quality of life.

OTA Program Mission

The Occupational Therapy Assistant Program is committed to providing people in Polk County with opportunities for personal and professional development within an environment of academic excellence.

OTA Program Credo

Opportunities for Transformation and Autonomy

Program Results

Program results from the National Board for Certification in Occupational Therapy (NBCOT) can be found online at https://secure.nbcot.org/data/schoolstats.aspx


The OTA Program is a member of the Florida Occupational Therapy Educational Consortium (FLOTEC).

Polk State College and the OTA Program reserve the right to make changes in the regulations, course offerings, curriculum, policies, and rules.

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