Occupational Therapy Assistant

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Important Update for OTA Program Applicants for 2021

Due to the current business/clinical site changes due to COVID-19, students seeking admission into the OTA program for 2021 who have had difficulty getting into sites will be able to meet the 20 observation hour requirement by uploading a document with answers to the following questions:

Please provide the name of the 2-3 sites you contacted and received a ‘no’ response when attempting to seek observation hours, provide copies of emails or notes from your attempts. In addition, you will have until January 10, 2022, to provide verification of a minimum of 4 face to face observation hours of an OT/OTA prior to beginning the program.

  1. Review  https://www.aota.org/Education-Careers/Considering-OT-Career/CareerStories.aspx (there are 4 videos approved by AOTA)
  2. Summarize what you learned
  3. Locate 1 video to review about OT that is not listed on AOTA
  4. Summarize what you have learned.
  5. Review the information  https://www.aota.org/Education-Careers/Considering-OT-Career.aspx
  6. Summarize what you learned from this link and list one other

What Does an Occupational Therapy Assistant Do?

Occupational therapy assistants work under the supervision of occupational therapists. OTAs teach individuals with emotional, developmental, and/or physical disabilities new methods or techniques to perform daily activities. Additionally, OTAs may adopt a patient’s physical environment and/or tasks to maximize independent functioning. In the world of occupational therapy, “occupation” refers to purposeful activities that are used to help patients prevent, reduce and/or overcome physical, social, and emotional disabilities.

Why Join the Polk State Occupational Therapy Assistant (OTA) Program?

Lower program costs compared to other Florida OTA programs, reputation, flexible schedule, competitive salary, and recently added to Career Source Polk’s Demand Occupation List for scholarships.

About Polk State’s OTA Program

Polk State offers a 74-credit-hour Associate in Science degree in Occupational Therapy Assistant.  This is a recent change to increase program credit from 70 to 74 per the Florida Department of Education.


For every occupational therapy assistant graduate to be able to fulfill life goals and improve their quality of life.

OTA Program Mission

The Occupational Therapy Assistant Program is committed to providing people in Polk County with opportunities for personal and professional development within an environment of academic excellence.

OTA Program Credo

Opportunities for Transformation and Autonomy

Accreditation Status

The OTA Program is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Occupational Therapy Education (ACOTE) of the American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA), located at 6116 Executive Boulevard, Suite 200, North Bethesda, MD 20852-4929.  ACOTE’s telephone number c/o AOTA is (301) 652-AOTA. Click the link below to access the information:

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