Common Questions

  1. Where can I access the forms required for my completed application?

    To locate forms, please click below instead of using the search bar.

  2. How do I apply?

  3. Is there a list of suggested sites to contact for observation hours?

    The OTA Program does not offer a list of sites, clinics, hospitals, contracts etc. as staff changes and availability change frequently.

    We encourage applicants to look outside his/her county to locate observation opportunities.

  4. Is there a program pathway with suggestions on how to schedule courses?

    Please click here for your suggested pathway.




  5. What is the program curriculum?

    You can find the program curriculum here.

  6. Is this an online program? Can I work?

    This is a full-time program offered on a part-time basis with some web-assisted courses offering a blended model. Students are required to be on campus 2-3 times weekly. Full-time employment is not encouraged for optimal success in this program.