Veteran Agreement

Two seats are allocated on a first-come, first-qualified basis to prospective qualified Veteran students enrolled at Polk State College. Students must meet with the Coordinator of Veteran Services to determine Veteran eligibility before initiating the following process.

  1. After establishing Veteran eligibility, Veteran students need to meet with an academic advisor to determine if admission criteria for the program are met.
  2.  Academic advisors will forward qualified applications and related documents (Transmittal Form, Observation Hours Form, resume, transcripts) directly to the OTA Program Director from July 15 to August 15.
  3. If more than two qualified applicants apply for the seats, preference will be given to the student with the higher GPA. In the event of applicants having the same GPA, seats will be assigned to the student/s who applied first (based on the date and time posted on the application form).
  4. The two selected Veteran applicants will be notified via electronic mail shortly after August 15.
  5. Between September 1 and September 15, the two selected Veteran applicants must complete the online application for the OTA program, which is available on the program website, under “How to Apply.”
  6. Veteran students who were not selected will have the opportunity to apply again through the general admission process from September 1 through September 30.
  7. Unassigned seats will revert to general admission students.

Posted 6/6/2016