Successful Internship Tips

There are many ways to assure a successful internship. See the links below for articles and videos that can help you make your internship the best experience possible.

An internship is an investment in your personal and professional development – soak up all it has to offer you! Remember, your internship behavior, conduct, and performance not only shape your reputation, but you are also representing Polk State. We want to help you achieve your best. If you need assistance while on your internship, do not hesitate to contact the internship coordinator, Matina Wagner at or 863.298.6897.

In a snapshot, here are some quick “always” tips:

    • Always be on time if not early.
    • Always come prepared. Take notes. Pay attention. Look interested.
    • Always dress/look professional (which is usually on the conservative side).
    • Always listen actively and never be afraid to ask questions for clarification.
    • Always follow through. “When you get a chance” usually means “now.”
    • Always express gratitude for assistance, feedback, guidance, support, everything.
    • Always do your best, and when you can, go above and beyond.
    • Always be polite and respectful to everyone.

Tips for Success