Internships for Course Credit

Associate in Science programs and Bachelor’s in Applied Science programs may either require an internship course or offer it as an elective or as a component of the program’s capstone course. Allied Health programs (e.g., Nursing, Physical Therapy Assistant, etc.) have a practicum sequence required as part of their curriculum.

    • Internship and/or practicum courses are taken in the student’s last and/or next to last term.
    • The student must be enrolled in the course the same term as the internship experience.
    • The student must have an internship placement confirmed by the final day of the Drop/Add period or must drop the internship course in order to prevent earning a grade of Incomplete.
    • If the assignments, hours, or some other aspect of internship work are insufficient, the student will earn a grade of Incomplete and will need to re-register for the course and complete the requirements satisfactorily in the subsequent term in order to earn a passing grade.
    • Some internship courses are limited access and require program director approval to register.
    • Not all internship courses are available each term.
    • Internships may be paid or unpaid, but all Polk State placements comply with the Department of Labor – Fair Labor Standards Act internship criteria.
    • There is not a universal internship course available for AA/Liberal Arts students at this time. Most internships for AA/Liberal Arts programs are for experience and not course credit.
    • Please check your specific program of study regarding course-credit details prior to beginning the internship. Taking on and/or completing an internship without being enrolled in the appropriate course could render the experience ineligible for course credit.

      *Additional information regarding program-specific Polk State internships can be found in the student’s specific program of study.