Common Questions

  1. What is the Civic Literacy Competency in civic literacy requirement? How does it apply to the Fire Science Technology, A.S. Degree (effective Fall 2022)?

    Yes! All students receiving an Associate in Science degree are required to comply with the following State of Florida requirements.  To see how you can comply with or satisfy this requirement, check with your academic advisor!

    Pursuant to Rule 6A-10.02413 of the Florida Administrative Code, effective Fall 2022 competency in civic literacy is a requirement for all students receiving an Associate in Science degree. Competency in civic literacy must be demonstrated in the following ways:

    Successful completion of one of the following courses:

    AND Florida Civic Literacy Examination (Score of 60% or better) Or completing one of the following assessments with the score indicated:

      • AP Government and Politics: United States (Score of 3 or better)
      • AP United States History (Score of 4 or better)
      • CLEP: American Government (Score of 50 or better)
      • Florida Civic Literacy Examination (Score of 60% or better)

    Note: All approved accelerated credit is listed in the Credit-By-Exam Equivalencies. The Credit-by-Exam section of the Florida State Articulation Committee website provides further details.