Industry Certifications

The technical core of the Polk State College Engineering Technology program aligns with the nationally recognized “Certified Production Technician” (CPT) industry certification from the Manufacturing Skill Standards Council (MSSC). After completing this core students will be prepared to take the four MSSC assessments for the CPT certification.

MSSC certification is designed to validate that any individual with the certification has the technical, employability, and academic skills needed to work in modern manufacturing. To ensure the integrity of the certification, rigorous assessment is also part of the fabric of MSSC. The CPT certification covers MSSC’s four core competency areas:

  • Manufacturing Processes and Production
  • Maintenance Awareness
  • Quality and Continuous Improvement
  • Safety

Students that have already earned an MSSC CPT certification will receive 15 articulated credit hours toward the 60 credit hour degree. MSSC CPT articulated credits apply to the following specific courses:

  • ETI 1420C-1, ETI 1420C-2, ETI 1420C-3 Manufacturing Processes and Materials
  • ETI 1002C-1, ETI 1002C-2, ETI 1002C-3 Intro. to Adv. Manufacturing
  • ETI 1110C-1, ETI 1110C-2, ETI 1110C-3 Introduction to Quality
  • ETI 1701C-1, ETI 1701C-2, ETI 1701C-3 Industrial Safety
  • ETM 1010C-1, ETM 1010C-2, ETM 1010C-3 Mechanical Measurements and Instrumentation

If you are a Polk State College student wishing to obtain the articulated college credit for the MSSC CPT certification, bring your original MSSC CPT certification to any of Polk State’s academic advisors. They will verify your credential and then have the credits applied to your academic transcript.

In additon to the MSSC CPT certification, Engineering Technology students also have the opportunity to earn industry certifications in quality (ASQ – CQIA), Lean(SME/ASQ/ShingoPrize – Lean Bronze, and instrumentation (ISA – CCST) .

To learn more about relevant industry certifications visit the Manufacturing Talent Development Institute’s certification webpage –