Manufacturing in Polk County

Manufacturing is the process of changing raw or processed materials into products people can use. It’s a career that combines your imagination and skills with the hottest technologies to make better things for our world.

Because manufacturing is so diverse, there are unlimited opportunities for people of all personalities and education levels to build a challenging and rewarding career. With more than 14,500 manufacturers right here in Florida, you’re sure to find a company that suits you, like Harris Corporation in Melbourne, where they make digital microwave radios, broadband wireless access products, and secure communications systems. Or Atlantic Marine in Jacksonville is where you could build and repair cruise ships, mega-yachts, or U.S. Navy ships. According to Florida TaxWatch2, “If current trends continue, then the Florida manufacturing sector is projected to directly/indirectly contribute to 1.1 million jobs in 2009; which is projected to increase up to 1.4 million jobs in 2018. In 2009, the sector is expected to account for $122 billion in Gross State Product (GSP) and $216 billion per year by 2018. Also, manufacturing is projected to increase annual state output from $252 billion in 2009 to $424 billion in 2018 and is expected to directly/indirectly contribute $45 billion to the state’s total exported goods in 2009 and as much as $60 billion in 2018.”

Polk County is replete with a network of active advanced manufacturing companies. There are more than 440 manufacturers from all sizes of operations.

  • Large (> 1000 employees): Publix, Mosaic, Lakeland Electric, and Progress Energy.
  • Medium (100 – 1000 employees): Coca-Cola NA, Florida’s Natural Growers, Pepperidge Farm, Citrosuco, and Cellynne.
  • Small (< 100 employees): QMI, Treat USA, FSTI, Polyglass USA, and Duratek.

Polk County companies manufacture a broad line of products-including food products, chemicals, paper, and building materials. Manufacturers of leading-edge technologies and products have been in Central Florida for years. They continuously improve their processes and products to remain globally competitive. With Polk County’s logistics and distribution advantages, skilled workforce, and history of innovation, advanced manufacturing careers are here to stay.