Engineering Technology

Discover exciting high-skill, high-wage careers in modern manufacturing! If you get satisfaction from making something or using new technology, or if you just like to know how things work, an engineering technology or manufacturing career may be perfect for you. It’s a career that combines your imagination and skills with the hottest technologies to make better things for our world.

Polk State College offers a two-year Associate of Science degree program in engineering technology (ET) that prepares students for employment or provides additional training in advanced manufacturing and high-technology industries. Polk State currently offers two specializations within ET degree program; the Advanced Manufacturing, and Mechanical Design & Fabrication. The Advanced Manufacturing Specialization focuses on Programmable Logic Controllers PLCs, Robotics, and Automation. The Mechanical Design & Fabrication specialization focuses on 3D modeling (SolidWorks) and computer numerical control (CNC) machining/programming.

Because manufacturing is so diverse, there are unlimited opportunities for people of all personalities to build a challenging and rewarding career. With approximately 16,500 manufacturers right here in Florida, sure, you will find a company that suits you. Manufacturing jobs pay up to 20 percent more than the average annual wage in Florida, with an average annual wage of $52,000.

The Engineering Technology Associate in Science degree program is fully transferable to four-year degree granting institutions.

In the 2014 fall semester, Polk State College has shifted the Engineering Technology Associate of Science program to an Open Entry, Early Exit (O3E) format. The self-paced hybrid format will offer a direct‐assessment and hybrid competency‐based program combining theory development with hands‐on open lab assignments.  

The O3E program format is a direct response to industry needs and represents a strong partnership between the two‐year engineering technology AS degree program, employers, secondary and four‐year academic institutions, and regional and state workforce investment entities in Mid‐Florida. This reform has been supported by the National Science Foundation, under the following grant DUE #1204954 – Project Title: Open-Entry/Early-Exit Advanced Manufacturing Engineering Technology.

Instructional design and delivery: The delivery of the O3E engineering technology program has four key components:

  • Small learning modules (1‐credit hour) for course theory delivered online.
  • Hands‐on, competency‐based labs, and assessments.
  • Flexibility (self-paced scheduling, blended learning opportunities, accelerated learning and advancement based on competency validation).
  • Continuous open entry, early exit registration that allows the student to enroll in an unlimited number of 1 credit-hour courses any time, complete them at their own pace, and receive grades upon demonstration of competency. Registration can occur at any point within a term. The window to complete courses remains open for five (5) weeks – even across traditional semester breaks.

O3E Competency-Based Program Advantages

  1. Flexibility. Students attend classes at their convenience and are not penalized for missing a class.
  2. Skill Development. Format develops discipline, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. Students become self-reliant and less dependent on formal instruction.
  3. Open Enrollment. Each program course is always open and will never be canceled due to low enrollment.
  4. Self-Paced. Students can work ahead at an accelerated pace. Courses can be completed and new courses started before the semester ends. Students can graduate in less than two years, which is the typical time frame for completing the program.

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Contact Mori Toosi with questions about the O3E Engineering Technology degree program.

Contact for access to the curriculum developed under the NSF ATE grant.